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Detroit Truetrac is designed to handle more torque (power) than the axle shafts it drives. Due to its design, the Detroit locker is ideal for trail running, rock crawling, off-road racing, drag racing, and heavy commercial equipment. I recently learned about them and want to give them a try. To prevent power from going to a wheel with little or no traction, a locking mechanism is needed to shift that power over to the tire with more traction so that the vehicle can continue moving forward. Starting the front axle ring and pinion this weekend. The Detroit Truetrac is a Torsen style differential that provides constant power to both drive wheels at all times while still allowing for wheel speed differentiation. A properly set up suspension will not spin the inside tire. Inside the locker, compressed air pushes an engagement collar over one of the differential side gears to lock it to the carrier. ALERT: On backorder. The principle is that you can drive a worm wheel with a worm gear, but because of the angle of attack between the gears you cannot back-drive a worm gear (i.e. Detroit Truetrac Lockers are maintenance free, fully mechanical, Torsen style limited slip differentials with helical gears instead of clutch packs (which wear out over time) to provide constant torque to both wheels while still allowing for smooth turns on pavement. When the vehicle turns, the axle shafts will rotate at different speeds (effectively turning opposite to each other) which causes the worm gears on the shafts to rotate the spur gears on the carrier. Going with 3.73 (currently has 3.31) and want to change the differential to something more reactive and consistent than the Ford Trac-Lok. I had a Zexel-Torsen series 2 that lasted less than 500 miles as a daily with little track time. Discussion in 'Cobra R's' started by tomshep, Feb 6, 2006. For something cheaper and easier to install, mini spools replace just the internal spider gears similar to a "lunchbox" style Detroit Locker. Need your feedback - pros & cons I am in the process of ordering a Moser 12 bolt for a 95 Firebird. I am wondering what the pro's and cons of the Torsen differential vs standard are? The Eaton E-Locker is the only aftermarket electric locker available today. A spool locks both axle shafts together permanently so that they will always turn together. At the differential, the airline feeds a collar that sits up against the bearings and has 2 O-rings between which the air flows through a small hole in the bearing journal. Detroit lockers are fixed in the locked position until a high enough differentiating force causes them to unlock temporarily. At the differential, the shifter cable moves a shift fork that slides an internal engagement collar over one of the side gears to lock its movement to the carrier. Truetrac® differentials are unique in that they increase traction but do not affect steering or wear out prematurely; these problems are common with limited-slip differentials that use clutch plates and springs. The Detroit Truetrac is a helical-gear style, limited-slip differential that maximizes wheel traction and enhances driving characteristics. The most common type of spool is a Full Spool that replaces the entire differential carrier. Installed an ARB locker and chromoly shafts in the rear. The drivetrain is absorbing that engagement and 3rd is the weak point. As a vehicle turns, the outside wheel turns faster than the inside wheel because it covers more distance. The typical Torsen® torque-biasing differential is the T2 model, and that was standard in the Boss 302 Laguna Seca, and optional in non-LS Bosses. In the event that one wheel loses all traction, power will still be transmitted through the clutches to the other tire up to the threshold of the friction plates. In zero traction situations where a tire is up in the air, the Torsen differential will not be able to transfer power to the tire on the ground by itself due to a lack of differentiating force. An aggressively set limited slip differential will force the two tires to spin together while a lightly tuned limited slip will only transfer minimal power. Anyone put a torsen style differential into their 2nd gen? The Torsen differentials fit Mustang 8.8" rear-ends, both solid axle and IRS, and are available in 28 spline and 31 spline versions. Along the same lines, when the unit is engaged, shifting from forward to reverse (or vice versa) requires the cams to unwind and rotate backwards to re-engage in the opposite direction which can feel a bit sloppy or clunky at times. I had one in my Miata. The T2 used in the Boss has a torque bias ratio (TBR) of 2.5, so the wheel with traction can get up to 2.5 times the torque than the wheel with less traction. If this Torsen diff has a TBR of 2:1, the tire with more grip would only be able to provide twice the amount of torque that is provided to the tire with less grip. While it may be tough to visualize, in a Torsen differential, power is applied to spur gears attached to the differential carrier that then rotate a worm gear on each axle shaft. Want to see your banners and links on Crawlpedia? It's easy, affordable and very effective, just contact us to get started! Lockers are for Drag Racers. You can only purchase this unit from a Ford Dealership or the Ford Racing Parts website. 4.56 w/ 35s S.B., Aug 16, 2017 #3. You are exactly right about the bias ratio though. However, when accelerating (torque applied), the six helical-gears inside the unit smoothly and quietly engage, applying torque to both rear wheels equally, maximizing traction (think two equal length black … Once a limited slip has worn out, we highly recommend installing a Torsen or Eaton TrueTrac differential. Check out this and other Eaton Truetrac Differentials at Other than a few rare exceptions, spools should only ever be installed in rear, non-steering axles. Spools are used exclusively for desert racing, hill climbing, mud racing and other off-road applications where a differential is not needed and reliability and strength are critical. I have the eaton truetrac, works bitchin! The design works so well that the US military chose the Torsen differential as standard equipment on the Hummer. ARB Air Locker are the most popular selectable lockers on the market today because they have been around since the late 1970s and offer lockers for far more applications than any other locking differential. From our friends at Eaton - we take a … Auburn Gear makes and electric locker called the Ected Max-Locker that is both a clutch style limited slip and an electric locker, however, we don't recommend this unit for the same reasons we don't recommend limited slip differentials. While there have been many unique differential designs that have come and gone over the years, the most popular locking differentials used today are the following: Limited slip differentials, also known as Posi or Trac-Lock differentials, use clutches and springs to increase the friction of the differential gears to prevent them from turning at different speeds. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. The Eaton Truetrac is available for the rear axle of 1500s and LOOKS similar to the Torsen design but it works on a somewhat different principle. Detroit Truetrac – Smooth Maintenance-Free Traction The Detroit Truetrac is a helical-gear style, limited-slip differential that maximizes wheel traction and enhances driving characteristics. A differential with this type of locking mechanism is called a differential locker or simply just a "locker". Eating a steady diet of government cheese, and liv,, (You must log in or sign up to reply here. It generally provides better traction to both wheels than most clutch-type limited slips. A quick solution to this problem is to apply the brake slightly to provide resistance to the free wheel and then apply the gas to lock the Torsen mechanism. Torsen style differentials available today do not require any friction modifiers or additives since their internal gears are engineered for use with conventional gear oil. Spools are a one piece fixed design that sends power two both wheels at all times with no differentiating function. They were used in the Glory days of Trans Am racing, but they had no alternative then. Locking differentials come in various forms and functions ranging from a mild limited slip found in many OEM applications all the way to a race-only spool that permanently locks the wheels together and has no differentiating function. Welcome to Torsen ®.Since 1984, we’ve provided class-leading helical gear, torque-sensing differentials to premiere auto manufacturers. Electric and air shifters are available for the OX Locker, however, we feel that those options take away from the simplicity, reliability, and positive mechanical feedback of the design.

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