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I’m guessing in legal terms not too obligated, otherwise it needs a better legal team–remember “If it don’t fit you can’t convict.” But I’ll give the Board the benefit of doubt until you return with an official reply next week. That wide-ranging estimate comes from the industry standard of considering 2-4 percent of facilities’ overall worth as their annual maintenance requirement. Measure A: pros and cons. “I once slept in one of these cells. Menifee officials have taken a significant step toward placing a measure on the November ballot that, if adopted, would repeal a 1% sales-tax … The … That’s the $64 Billion question Steve. Ebenstein continued in that vein, listing off the “unanticipated consequences” of the measure’s implementation. But we have to keep breaking ground on the projects and keep going because with the real estate boom and building boom in L.A right now and 2 million people going to move here in the next 30 years we honestly cant build fast enough so we really need to get together and pay the 24 dollars more in taxes a year for this so we can live to see this happen. Does he mean the I-710 South project from I-60 to the Port that is potholed like a Luna landscape from overweight and smoggy trucks? Raising revenue: Measure H aims at raising revenue through a sales tax to provide services to the homeless. I took a look at the latest ridership stats it seems apparent based on your numbers that the train has shaped up to be mainly a weekend means of getting around based on the assumption that most people do not work 7 day work weeks. Ebenstein kicked things off, sharing a story about his first impression of the measure as one that sounded, on the surface, “reasonable.” But then, he said, he quickly changed his tune. By Catalina Villegas Los Angeles. PUBLISHED 10:30 AM ET Nov. 01, 2020 PUBLISHED 10:30 AM EST Nov. 01, 2020. Measure M debate with Mike Brown and Lanny Ebenstein Paul Wellman ”Vague generalities” battled “an awful lot of hype” May 22 when a small group of county bigwigs gathered to hear former school board president Lanny Ebenstein and former county CEO Mike Brown argue the respective cons and pros of Measure M. by Michael Oppenheimer October 3, 2016. written by Michael Oppenheimer October 3, 2016. Geis continued, saying that he wasn’t sure if Measure M was even constitutional, to which Brown replied, “Frankly, I hadn’t thought about whether it was constitutional.” Brown continued, “I just think the board could use some help from the public on this.”, Two More Santa Barbara Sheriff’s Office Staff, Five More Inmates Test Positive for COVID-19, Seventh Lompoc Inmate Dies in Nine Months, Embattled Santa Barbara Unified Teacher Stripped of Credential, Santa Barbara Shortchanged of COVID-19 Relief Funds, Vaccinations for 65+ Are Right Around the Corner, COVID In Santa Barbara: Scary Numbers, Long Lines, COVID Hits Record Highs in Santa Barbara County, By the Numbers: Santa Barbara’s Third and Worst COVID-19 Wave, Virtual Author Discussion with Gretel Ehrlich, VISIONS OF HOPE: Pandemic-Inspired Success Stories (via Zoom), “Feast for the Children” rolls on for Unity Shoppe, Adult Studio Art Workshop (via Zoom): Drawing. Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Joe Friday” Webb would have said. Free Online Art Class for Those That Need It Most! Tweet; Pin It; Using a scale to measure your weight loss progress can be a good thing or a bad thing. The pros and cons of different attention metrics . Pros: 1. The Pros and Cons of KPIs. The ordinance that would govern the ballot measure and use of funding is embedded in the blog post, but I’ll talk to staff this week and try to get a more plain English type answer. Nonetheless, Measure 11 passed, and I did the job Oregonians asked me to do. However, the notion that this will somehow lead to free-flowing freeway traffic during peak drive times is absurd. A good example is the green line there is little of entertainment value of that line so it drops of dramatically on the weekends. Without careful management, the negatives of performance measurement are more likely to be experienced. Metro officials say the idea is to create a sustained funding stream for mobility projects crucial to the region’s mobility, economy and quality of life. Here are links to the other two: Mean Pros and Cons. It’s now not scheduled to begin construction until 2021. I have always thought highly of metro. Metro only covers L.A. County. We want a future-proof solution to our mobility woes. Some other things worth knowing for voters: •The new ballot measure would add money to projects previously approved as part of Measure R in 2008. Bolstered by County Counsel’s legal analysis (which suggests the measure may not be enforceable) and Auditor-Controller Bob Geis’s fiscal analysis (which states the measure may not be feasible), opponents have had many fighting words against Measure M. The $18 million-$44 million that would be required for the maintenance of county-owned roads, parks, and buildings would mean big trouble for the funding of the county’s public safety and social services departments, they say. Keep it loose for now. Cons Sales taxes are regressive, and the impact of Measure RR would fall disproportionately on lower-income households in Santa Clara, San Mateo and San Francisco counties. politics. LA needs better transit as a large, dense and growing global city. “The primary problem is the zero-to-60 [miles per hour] in one year that Measure M proposes,” Ebenstein said. The pros and cons of norplant as a birth control measure. Another of Brown’s suggestions fell in line with what Supervisor Salud Carbajal championed at Tuesday’s board meeting — directing a significant chunk of new revenues to maintenance, but doing so gradually over time. PUBLISHED 10:30 AM ET Nov. 01, 2020 PUBLISHED 10:30 AM EST Nov. 01, 2020. This updated plan is totally unacceptable. Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window), Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Tumblr (Opens in new window), Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window), 20 and 720 bus detours this weekend for Purple Line station construction, Monthly parking permits on sale Monday 10 a.m. for DT Azusa, Irwindale and Monrovia stations, Fotos: construcción de la futura estación Wilshire/La Brea |, Potencial medida electoral: reporte sobre resultados de las encuestas |, Potencial medida electoral: el Corredor de Transporte del Paso Sepúlveda |,, Potencial medida electoral: tren ligero entre Artesia y Union Station |, Potencial medida electoral: Extensión de la Línea Verde a Torrance |, Metro - Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority. Lanny Ebenstein and Mike Brown Debate the Merits. I am an urban development major and i have reviewed this plan and the new plan sounds better to finish key projects like the purple line phase 2-3 extension and the 96th street infill station for the airport connector sooner because those two projects in addition to the expo line phase 2 which just opened are the most important mass transit projects in the county right now. I just think that’s a recipe for disaster.”. For large documents, the bookmarking tab, hyperlinks, and highlights make it easy to quickly navigate large documents. It’s an important document for voters, showing the timing of projects and programs to be funded by the plan. SHARE. Thanks, again! Brown, now the goverenment affairs director of the Coalition of Labor, Agriculture, and Business (COLAB) for Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo counties, told a different story — one in which Measure M is not only what the county needs but is something achievable through six steps. Until Metro finally lands on planet earth (What, a new freeway in the desert?! Ebenstein responded by calling Brown’s steps “vague generalities,” which prompted Brown to decry “an awful lot of hype” surrounding Measure M instead of the new union contract approved by the board in February. I’m not sure that the exact projects are defined yet — I’ll try to find out this coming week. Proposition 16 would repeal the ban. These ‘local return’ funds can be used by cities on their own local transportation projects — i.e. Such a drastic measure is bound to come with potential pitfalls, of course. Two million people are expected to move to Nashville in the next 30 years. Pros. LOS ANGELES — The inside of a prison cell is hauntingly familiar to 22-year-old Jared, known as King Jaybo. Some organizations find OKRs help them create superior objectives and achieve some of them. My colleagues and I on the Panorama City Neighborhood Council will continue to push for the Light Rail option, and we have gone on record in favor of this option on the ESFV Transit Corridor. Sorry to post this here, but releasing this at 4:45 on a Friday puts reporters covering this in an impossible situation. This article examines the pros and cons of Metabolic Renewal to determine whether you should give it a try. Measuring People Performance With The Nine-Box Grid Method – Pros and Cons Everyone Should Know. Metro has been delaying the East San Fernando EIR, and even with this new revised report, Metro will continue to delay. Measure M would fund about 30 transit and road projects, as well as a number of programs: transit operations, State of Good Repair, freeway bottleneck improvements and freight movement projects. I have some specific questions about how these “road improvements in the Malibu/Las Virgenes area”. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Happy Father’s Day! That’s in addition to any local return money cities spend on their own projects. I think I recall Metro is now considering extending the Red Line to Burbank Airport. Savings on labor would open up loads of funds for additional capital, operations, and maintenance projects. The Ports bring in over 40% of this countries importing. LOS ANGELES — The inside of a prison cell is hauntingly familiar to 22-year-old Jared, known as King Jaybo. And beware, agencies have shifted funds to unpopular projects since before Washington had whiskers, I know, I did so under direction at the Parks Department. La potencial medida electoral que Metro está considerando aceleraría la finalización de la Línea Púrpura hasta Westwood con […]. As for addressing the name calling of citizens, it is pointless to answer such rubbish–that’s the duty of the moderator. We need better streets. Regardless what Metro does with our money, this is not the time to raise taxes on the people, particularly the lower income riders that make up a big part of Metro’s community. Show me where this is new funding in this measure for the 710 north and I will change my mind about the incoherency and ignorance of your “post”. News . You're not supposed to achieve … Continue reading "Pros and Cons of OKRs" One person’s ‘accountability’ is others’ unfairness and cost. The pros of this type are the same as the cons of probe thermometers: they can measure those objects that cannot be measured using direct contact. While there are many great parts of the plan, one issue is that it is forecasting transit needs 50 years in the future. ), the sales tax scheme will be DOA at Georgia Street Receiving Hospital as Jack “Sgt. Metro officials say that the plan was crafted in response to feedback from the public and elected officials, cities and stakeholders on an earlier draft for a 40-year ballot measure plan. Also have the blue line extended to San Pedro or have more development near the blue line stations. The most frequently heard sentiment, said Metro officials: people wanted more from the spending plan. Mode Pros and Cons. Unicorn? Prop 25: California Measure's Pros And Cons - Across California, CA - Proposition 25 is a referendum on a new state law that eliminates the cash bail bond system in California. Thus, Measure M would continue in perpetuity, like most laws and taxes approved by government. 13/03/2011. Personally, I think there need to be more highway projects, using toll money to support operating costs, but if we want transit, including gap fillers like Crenshaw North and the South Bay Green Line Extension, this is the one to do it. Voting no on this; first time in my many voting cycles to vote no on a “transit” bond. That’s up to San Bernardino County.

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