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Once upon a time, if you wanted to make a creature squirt blood in an actress's face, you needed some rubber, a complex system of tubes and some food coloring. Urmaker shares an entertaining story about how he came to be a YouTube narrator: he was working in a dental lab and grew tired of listening to his playlists repeatedly. - Disney Channel UK HD - YouTube. Needing freshness in his earbuds, he began searching for narrated horror stories and discovered a few YouTube channels and subscribed But only a week into watching, he was out of new stories Today, as a narrator, he works hard to make sure his subscribers - or his Militia, as they're called, never run out of scary stories. Where can you find him? ... low-brow ghost story with slasher-like kills and slick special effects. Unit #522 boldly declares a few on this list are the inspiration to be a YouTube horror story narrator. Horror Stories is creating Videos on Unsolved Mysteries, Tragedies, Criminals, Murders. Attach your videos and images! Where can you find him? Needing freshness in his earbuds, he began searching for narrated horror stories and discovered a few YouTube channels and subscribed But only a week into watching, he was out of new stories Today, as a narrator, he works hard to make sure his subscribers - or his Militia, as they're called, never run out of scary stories. Follow. 14 of 15 youtube.com/doctorhorror. Through the centuries its been done in many fashions. ... 4 Episodes. Become a patron. I'm a Tennessee-based freelance writer with a passion for true crime, a thirst for knowledge, and an obsession with lists. You can stream it on fuboTV (7-day free trial and then $59.99/month) or AT&T Now (From $65/month). With new videos uploaded each week, Mr. Nightmare's scary tales and animated reading style are certain to keep you up all night long. I'm gonna check all of these out. Welcome to Evil Cat Horror Stories Channel, We'll bring you a fun mix animated horror stories with a unique twist, something completely original you have never heard or seen before. I want to add some more good youtube channels to my sub feed. :). Wow! With today's smart phones, televisions, and cars, it's not surprising YouTube has become a storytellers' community. fun for all. Mai OTT platforms ke liye horror, thriller, mystery type Stories provide karta hu Business Enquiry Email - singh5ankit.000@gmail.com Get your horror fix with these 15 overlooked horror movies available for free on YouTube. ; Add effects like filters , stickers , and text .You can also trim your story or save it . Chilling Tales for Dark Nights is a premiere creepypasta and horror-themed multimedia brand and popular YouTube channel, created by Craig Groshek in late 2012, which endeavors to bring audio theater “back from the dead” via the adaptation of tales written by a variety of authors, both published and unpublished. Other channels simply recount spooky tales. His smooth, heavily accented voice is hypnotizing and he has superb talent in choosing the share the best stories. What are the best horror channels on YouTube? I didn't even know this genre of Youtube videos existed. 1 Series, 6 Episodes. Dosto aapko hamare channel pe kuch real Hindi Horror Stories sunne milengi jo aapne pehle kabhi nahi suni hongi aur yeh hi nahi balki kai saari Hindi Stories bhi. I think how they narrate the story definitely makes all the difference. Find horror stories, horror trailers, creepypastas, short horror films, horror music, real ghost stories, creepy horror, haunted stories, paranormal activities, mysterious stories, horror readings, real ghost videos and many more by following top horror youtube channels Jonathangiles95. Terrifying true stories come to life in this drama ... A Moment of Horror. ; Tap the capture button to take a photo, or hold it down to record a video. [IIL] Youtube Channels that explore creepy stories, mysteries, conspiracies, dark topics [WEWIL]? Definitely want to check some of them out :) Have you watched any Blackbox TV? Where can you find him? If you like scary content please consider subscribing to my channel! Although his voice can be reminiscent of a game show host or radio shock jock, it's perfect for narrating the stories he brings to his subscribers daily. I like watching stuff like this. The popular horror story subreddit r/nosleep has set itself to private until Monday to protest YouTube creators stealing stories and turning them … Here are 10 of the most bizarre, gross, and disturbing. The art of storytelling has been around since man began. Thanks for this. Doctor Horror is the perfect narrator to lull you to the nightmares in your sleep with a low-toned, softer (masculine not feminine) voice that mesmerizes the ears as it regales them with stories from subscribers' true experiences and CreepyPastas. Where can you find him? Coming to you from the Netherlands, Be.Busta is a gifted narrator. Please do not send creepypastas or any other fiction, I aim to only focus on real topics on this channel. Check out Sinister Graves. He may a bit greener than some narrators on this list but he's certainly one you want to subscribe - or become part of "The Unity" as followers are called, so you don't miss a single new creepy tales upload. Comparable to starting a YouTube channel offering life advice, you can even put a spin on news and entertainment by offering your own comments and opinions on the stories you decide to cover. Austin & Ally S03E20 Horror Stories & Halloween Scares. Hello! By supporting creators you love on Patreon, you're becoming an active participant in their creative process. Richard While had a passion for creative writing as a sideline to his day job working as a Marketing Communications Executive, saying he initially liked to write creepy stories to scare his mates, until it was suggested that maybe he could make more of his hobby. Even though the name "Netherlands" could also technically be considered "down under," I suppose. As a narrator myself, I enjoy listening to all of these people. 0 0 +0. Specializing in the production of audio entertainment, short films … ; Tap Post. Narrating out of London, England, Lazy Masquerade brings his fans collections of short stories about paranormal and terrifying true experiences. Austin & Ally - Horror Stories and Halloween Scares - Scary Teddy Bear! Get your horror fix with these 15 overlooked horror movies available for free on YouTube. Other horror YouTubers include AldosWorld, Brittyy44, and MrCreepyPasta. 2:03. There, you’ll encounter everything from painfully awkward indie music videos to the world’s largest zit. True crimes, fictional horror, viewer submissions, and user stories from Reddit and CreepyPasta, to name just a few, are the topics narrator Mr. Nightmare presents to his almost one million subscribers. /channel/UC3F2LG-doW2ihPi2LnbaEGA. If you send me stories, please make sure they are only real experiences; whether they are personal or not does not matter. youtube.com/urmaker69. His deep, slightly raspy voice with an American accent adds a touch of creepiness to his narrations. Some channels on the weird side of YouTube can get a bit too weird, though. Almost 30k would agree witch me. Louise Powles from Norfolk, England on March 27, 2017: Interesting. 2Be.Busta. Highly recommend. If you'd like to see more videos please visit my Youtube channel here, is creating Videos on Unsolved Mysteries, Tragedies, Criminals, Murders. Yes, you can easily cancel or upgrade your pledge at any time! Offering up reviews and insights about both mainstream and out-of-the-box fare, both films and books, this channel is a useful resource for both horror newbies and veterans looking for … Coming to us straight out of the place where nightmares are created: California, USA, Corpse Husband has a very deep, thick, slightly gravelly voice that is quite hypnotic as reads collections of user submissions, Reddit and CreepyPasta submitssions, and a variety of other sources. We discovered this new upcoming narrator that is fantastic! He is releasing weekly content and uses peoples real-life stories! Unit #522 is an excellent narrator as he clearly pronunciates each with an American accent and it is quite skilled at building anticipation with reading style just as music does for films. Austin & Ally - Horror Stories and Halloween Scares - Scary Teddy Bear! Being very interactive with his fans - or beehivers, as they're called, on a multitude of social media sites keeps this YouTubers ranked as a top storyteller on the site. Share. ! An even tone, a mildly deep masculine voice, and lightly playing music and other effects in the background makes for fabulous storytelling. Sign in to YouTube on mobile. Scary true stories, CreepyPastas, Reddit's "Let's Not Meet" stories, and user submissions make up most of Phantom Librarians' multiple uploads each week. Broadcasting on Sky channel 317, Virgin 149, Freeview 68 and Freesat 138, Horror is the UK's original channel dedicated to the dark side of cinema and television. Travel Channel's paranormal series "My Horror Story" features ordinary people who share true tales of surviving dark preternatural forces. I want to bring light to the victims and monsters behind some of the world's darkest events. 445 patrons. TV. Yup, not another 20-something list which repeats the same crap as shared by thousands of sites on the internet. Lazy Masquerade is an animated storyteller as is evidenced by his use of many sound effects and his appropriately dramatic tone changes. A late-night Internet marathon usually leads to the weird part of YouTube. Like Be.Busta above, Corpse Husband is very interactive with his subscribers via a host of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat. He has a deep smooth voice that perfectly creates the horror scenes. :-). About Horror Stories. Wow, I haven't heard of any of these. 52 YouTube Channel Ideas. That's also great for some scares. The most provocative minds in horror bring you three new short films every week exploring the human condition through warped and uncanny perspectives. 1Urmaker. You can even submit your own! Horror Stories is creating content you must be 18+ to view. youtube.com/user/kingofthecities. Hey guys, Welcome to my channel. If you head over to Mr. Nightmare, you'll find countdowns and roundups of terrifying stories regarding basements, theaters, and more. I tell scary stories, mostly true ones, and you get scared. Tap the create icon , then Story .. 110 votes, 80 comments. Brave storytellers recall their encounters with demonic entities, ghostly apparitions, blood-sucking beings, aliens, and … I feel like a lot of horror channels just cycle between Madeline McCann, the Dylatov Pass, and the Sallie House and forget the little "nobodies" with terrifying and heartbreaking stories. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCG4wigbjnwzBIck_8t_IWSg. My name is Praveen and my channel is the home of the most Horror and Scary Real Horror Stories … "American Horror Story: 1984" is the ninth installment of the award-winning anthology series created by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk that has redefined the horror genre since 2011, generated millions of shocks, scares and screams, and inspired its legion of dedicated fans to guess what terrors the next chapter will hold. Thanks! 10 Cyriak Hindi Horror Stories. youtube.com/c/UNIT522. Are you 18 years of age or older? Where can you find him? Horror Websites Best List. youtube.com/c/CorpseHusband. The initial plan was to create a website that told true horror stories, with artist Mikey Turcanu creating the banner image for each story, until While noticed that while there were many YouTube channels discussing tru… Where can you find him? - Disney Channel UK HD. The talented compilation of these aspects is what makes Lazy Masquerade a top YouTube narrator. I shall try, nevertheless, so grab your snacks, curl up in your favorite spot, and get ready to be creeped out. 0 0 +0. You won't find this one on iTunes but you will find it on YouTube. He is most definitely from Australia. He obviously chose well because here he is on this list with them. Our emphasis is on creativity, animation and very interesting stories, to entertain all of you and we do love you to join us on this new horror experience! Menu. How do I watch Two Sentence Horror Stories without cable?. I love the different styles and voices. Some great stuff here. It's a British Invasion again! I wish my research will be worth your frickin time. Horror Youtube Channels Best List. Click UP or DOWN to vote on entries! Create a story. To stand out, I spent 40+ hours watching different YouTube videos, analyzing their topic, popularity, monetization methods, and more. There are many talented narrators on YouTube which made narrowing it down to a top ten favorite's list difficult. United States About Youtuber Welcome to the official YouTube channel for Chilling Tales for Dark Nights, and the home of The Simply Scary Podcast! I create and narrate animated horror stories. Frequency 2 videos / day Since Jun 2012 Be ready … If you don't see the Story option, your device is not compatible with Stories currently. This is a good article but I am sorry, I laughed pretty hard when I read that Be.Busta is from the Netherlands...have you never heard an Australian accent before? The 16 Best Horror Shows on YouTube. Keep up with Horror Movies, Horror Films, Short Scary Stories, Horror Comics, Horror Magazines, Horror Series, Horror Videos, Horror YouTube Channels and more by following top Horror Sites. It features True scary stories, creepypastas, horror short films, scary stories podcasts, creepy audio dramas and more! Our picks tonight. Primarily known for his addictive horror novels (seriously, check out Video Night), Cesare’s YouTube channel is an artful blend of appreciating the genre in all its forms. Are You Afraid of the Dark. With an eclectic mix of ground-breaking and genre-defining content including niche, cult and box office movies along with fantasy, sci-fi and supernatural series, you'll be entertained and terrified. What are the horror channels you watch the most or some that … I want to bring light to the victims and monsters behind some of the world's darkest events. Top 10 horror story telling youtube channels. You might want to fix that. 5 2 . Friends Like And Subscribe My Channel For More Funny And Horror Animated Videos. 23:16. As a member, you receive exclusive content, community access, behind-the-scenes updates, and the pride of fueling work that matters to you. The Sadist (1963) Alpha Video.

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