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Home » Routes » Europe » England » Lake District National Park » Lake District's Eastern Fells » Scramble up Helvellyn via Striding Edge TGF0bzpyZWd1bGFy This could be one of the most popular ridge walks in the country – an exciting scramble along Striding Edge to reach Helvellyn Though shorter, this is a worthy twin to Striding Edge. This location is a Car-Dependent neighborhood so almost all errands require a car. A popular walk that takes us from Patterdale, up to Birkhouse Moor and along Striding Edge to the summit of one of the most famous mountain’s in Great Briton. There are regularly updated photos and maps of walks with distances, timings, ascents and route descriptions. border: none; Striding Edge is a notorious accident spot among hikers and scramblers. The outstanding and rugged beauty of this summit is marred by the fatalities that are a regular occurrence here. Guidebook: Winter Climbs in the Lake District published by Cicerone Press. z-index: 999; We are also responsible owners, and have him on the lead when needed. You can go right over the ridge on the top - or there are easier routes along the side. Walked on 04/12/2018. Weather: Half beautiful, half dull! Having captured the moment. } #lcsp_wrapper_1364641573 h2.lcsp_logo_carousel_slider_title { For FREE newsletters with exclusive special offers, competitions and walk updates. Helvellyn and Striding Edge from Glenridding guided walks with The Lake District Walker Limited taking in the wonderful Striding Edge and Swirral Edge ... Not the longest walk but with high levels of exposure on narrow rocky ridges. /* middle Sticky*/ Helvellyn is one of the Lakes most popular walks and this is a classic Lake District view over Striding Edge, with Red Tarn to the left and Ullswater Lake just visible in the distance. /*Logo Border Display */ Striding Edge in all it's glory. Nethermost Pike and Dollywagon Pike in the distance. font-size: 18px; Now we can see Red Tarn - and a few people are swimming in there already. Only £25 PER PERSON Private Guiding also available daily. Start point: Patterdale (NY 394 160) Patterdale – Hole-in-the Wall – Striding Edge – Helvellyn – Swirral Edge – Catstycam – Birkhouse Moor – Patterdale. One of the most popular summits in England and Wales, the summit sees a steady stream of walkers throughout the year. } This is according to the current Zoopla estimates. On my two previous walks along Striding Edge I couldn't actually see much from it due to poor weather. Saturday – Helvellyn & Striding Edge. Gorgeous views from all areas on top. Pressing on along the rocky outcrop of ‘High Spying How’ we soon approached the beginning of Striding Edge – a good time to take a snack break and contemplate what was to come. Helvellyn & Striding Edge The third highest fell in England presents an epic challenge that is fraught with danger. Distance: 7.8 miles Total Ascent: 925 metres Time Taken: 3 hours 30 minutes. The walk heading up to striding edge was steady and took over an hour and a half. © The Outdoor Guide | Website Privacy Policy. 2020/21 Catalogue. Climbing Helvellyn via Striding and Swirral Edges is perhaps one of the most spectacular walks in the Lake District. 850 metres. On days where visibility is impaired by cloud, mist, rain or fog, some landmarks used as direction aids in the route descriptions may not be visible. } I was relived when the cloud had passed to reveal Striding Edge in sunlit glory. The countryside is not fixed. Us lot making our way across the top of the Striding Edge ridge line. Scafell Pike is the highest point and Scafell is a close second. Estimated time 6 to 7 hours. font-family: Arial, sans-serif; transition: all 0.3s linear; #lcsp_wrapper_1364641573 .lcsp_logo_container a.lcsp_logo_link:hover { The Lake Districts Grisedale Horseshoe starts in Glenridding and takes in a total of 8 Wainwrights including Helvellyn and the Striding Edge ridge walk The Walk There are some excellent choices of walks up the most popular mountain in the Lake District but none should discount the scrambling options of Striding Edge. Traditional baby names are striding back into fashion, as safe and sure as a strand of pearls or a pair of well-made boots. We now begin the long hike up towards the 'Hole in the Wall', Glorious sunshine and views today up the Grisedale Valley, It's going to take us about an hour to walk up Patterdale Common towards the 'Hole in the Wall'. } Remember to prepare properly before heading out on any type of walk or outdoor activity. -ms-transform: scale(1.05,1.05); Home » Routes » Europe » England » Lake District National Park » Lake District's Eastern Fells » Scramble up Helvellyn via Striding Edge TGF0bzpyZWd1bGFy This could be one of the most popular ridge walks in the country – an exciting scramble along Striding Edge to reach Helvellyn We been the descent down Swirral Edge. Duration: Approx. Eric and I would like to thank you for your support and to wish you all the very best for 2021. Workers have begun a last-ditch attempt to save a notorious 10,000-year-old route on top of one of the country's highest summits. The 'Hole in the wall' - it's not a cash machine :-) Quite a few people where taking a rest around here - it;s the perfect place to stop - fuel up and get ready for Striding Edge. Helvellyn & Striding Edge Walking Guide and Walks. In winter conditions the climb from Striding Edge up to the summit plateau can involve crossing steep icy ground and a snow cornice, and can be the most dangerous part of the walk. background: #85bc4f; /*GENERAL STYLE for NAV*/ I met my clients, David and Darren ‘Bear’ Mills at Glenridding car park and we started our trek up Mires beck to Birkhouse Moor. Most people when tackling Helvellyn park up at Glenridding - which can get rather busy - so I find the best place to head for is Patterdale where if your lucky you can park up for free on the grass verge just near Patterdale Hall. Nearby parks include Heron Bay Golf Club and W G Jones State Forest. /*style for nav updated version*/ Pitstops [Click to enlarge] This particular walking route is one of the most straightforward ways to tackle Helvellyn. Because my brother and a few mates are just starting to get into walking - I thought I would introduce them to this classic ridge walk. We actually passed a few people coming up Swirral Edge - and some I'm presuming would descend via Striding Edge - but for me - you have got to do Striding Edge first and come down Swirral Edge. The perfect beginner scrambling route, Striding Edge … I did helvellyn via striding edge and swirrel edge a couple of summers ago - it was my first 'edge' walk. Unless you are a confident and experienced climber, it could be a sensible idea to take an easier route on blustery or very wet days. Helvellyn, Lake District Pitstops An assortment of interesting stop off points along our walks. As the UK is experience one of the best summer in living memory Adventure Peaks are gearing up with a massive summer of guided walks. 4400 College Park Drive has a Walk Score of 17 out of 100. 10 km with height gain of approx. We walked up Glenridding Common from the TIC car park area. This mini adventure started from the beautifully set Gillside Campsite, based on the outskirts of the the small Lakeside village of Glenridding. Helvellyn is the third highest peak in the Lake District rising to 950 metres above sea level. Stuart is also a freelance graphic designer and to contact him visit, Leaflet Guru website which offers leaflet design & print services. However do bear in mind this hike involves a few technical sections that do require a head for heights. Lakeland's most climbed mountain via the infamous Striding Edge - not for the faint hearted. This is looking south along the Helvellyn range to Nethermost Pike. Penrith. Maps, Posters & Prints. Despite the popularity of this walk, the long slog up the peaceful Grisedale Valley was almost deserted in the early morning sunshine. The walk starts in the village of Glenridding where there is a large Lake District National Park Authority pay and display car park. Helvellyn matches Scafell Pike for popularity among hikers: it’s estimated that o… We started our program on Saturday with Helvellyn & Striding Edge. To find out more about becoming a TOG partner please CLICK HERE. color: #444; Map of The Lake District: North-eastern area, We promise not to share your information with anyone - please read. } I guess the last bit of Striding Edge is the most challenging and you have to use your hands here to climb down - but it's pretty straightforward as long as you take your time. Start point: Patterdale (NY 394 160) Patterdale – Hole-in-the Wall – Striding Edge – Helvellyn – Swirral Edge – Catstycam – Patterdale. -webkit-transform: scale(1.05,1.05); Striding Edge is the photo diary of Sean McMahon’s fell walks, capturing the beauty and moods of the wonderful Cumbrian landscape. Carpark: Greenside Rd, Glenridding, Penrith CA11 0PD. Forgetting the celebrity ahead we all made our way confidently over Bleaberry Crag and Low Spying How before negotiating the narrower band of Striding Edge to High Spying How and the memorial cross. Ullswater Lake is in full view now and the Pennines are in the far distance - which is where we drove over via the a66 and is actually covered in mist today - but that doesn't matter to us up here :-). This narrow ridge has a reputation of being scary and difficult. Handpicked boutique luxury to family & pet friendly hotels. Key: HitW=Hole-in-the-Wall, SE=Striding Edge, H=Helvellyn, NP=Nethermost Pike, HC=High Crag, DP=Dollywagon Pike, GT=Grisedale Tarn. You can also see the final scramble that is required after Striding Edge up to the summit of Helvellyn. opacity: 1; We take our dog out on hill walks but wouldn't take him along the edge for obvious reasons, so we're looking for an alternative, dog friendly route … Initially the descent is fairly steep and … After tucking into celebratory sandwiches and enjoying views across what feels like the entire Lake District National Park, descend from the summit via Swirral Edge – another steep rocky scramble that feels intimidating when you first tiptoe towards it. Swirral Edge begins a bit farther from summit plateau and is shorter than Striding Edge, but it felt more tiring. Scafell Pike is the highest point and Scafell is a close second. /* Dots Navigation */ If Striding Edge made your palms sweat then a straightforward hill walking path that runs north off the mountain will take you back to Glenridding. We get down into Grisedale Valley near the Kennels - and head back along the lane to Patterdale Hall and a much needed drink :-). A sunny, windless day in June was the perfect opportunity for me to tackle a Lake District walk that had long been on my to-do list: Reaching the summit of Helvellyn along the razor-sharp ridge of Striding Edge. A selection of campsites and glamorous camping locations. The 'Hole in the Wall' isn't far off now and we've said we will rest, drink & eat when we get there :-). Cross the wooden bridge over Helvellyn Gill. Height: 950 m; 3117 ft Distance: 8 miles; 13 km Difficulty: Hard Estimated Time: 5 hours Map: Ordnance Survey Explorer OL5 The English Lakes NE Area Route: View in Google Maps GPX File: Download GPX file (desktop only) – What is a GPX file? color: #808080!important; Lots of answers here to help you decide whether you're personally up to Striding Edge or not. #lcsp_wrapper_1364641573 .owl-dots .owl-dot span{ The walk along Striding Edge was fun all the way. Beyond a little gap is a final rocky barrier, which can be skirted on the right or taken direct. .tooltipster-lcsp-1364641573 .tooltipster-content { Best Hadrian's Wall walk & best views guide: Path from Steel Rigg to Housesteads, via Sycamore Gap. After a pause for breath and with a determination to succeed both Dave and Steve made their way down from the summit of Helvellyn to make their maiden crossing of Striding Edge. Trail magazine and the British Mountaineering Council present Britain's Mountain Challenges. Helvellyn is the third-highest point in England. #lcsp_wrapper_1364641573 .owl-nav { .tooltipster-lcsp-1364641573 { Stuart Hodgson is an amateur landscape photographer, keen traveller, blogger and outdoors enthusiast. Eric and I would like to thank you for your support and to wish you all the very best for 2021. We've done the hard part now and it's pretty level up here! } I've not yet tried Striding Edge in  the ice or snow - it would be a different proposition entirely then! #lcsp_wrapper_1364641573 #lcsp_logo_carousel_slider:hover .owl-next { Striding Edge is a popular route which involves some scrambling, ... Helvellyn can also be included in a circular walk from Patterdale: up Striding Edge, down to Grisedale Tarn and back over St Sunday Crag. Great décor awaits you inside and is always impeccably clean. - Sean's Striding Edge Walk - Date & Time: Wednesday 19th Sept 2007. After spending what felt like hours on Striding Edge, it seems like we’re on Swirral Edge for only a matter of minutes. A. Remember to turn right at the NHS health centre. /* HOVER EFFECT*/ color: #444 !important; We started our program on Saturday with Helvellyn & Striding Edge. The Striding Edge experience lasts about 30 minutes, and there is even the bonus of a narrow trail just below the crest for anyone who isn't totally sure about walking along the top. Personally, I preferred to ascend up Swirral Edge and descend by Striding Edge (the former is much steeper coming down! An ascent of this 950m peak via the narrow ridge of Striding Edge is one of Britain’s most iconic mountain challenges, mixing hill walking with scrambling on a spectacular route that requires the use of hands in a few places – and a good head for heights! } }. Walking Sharp Edge. #lcsp_wrapper_1364641573 #lcsp_logo_carousel_slider:hover .owl-prev, Helvellyn Via Striding Edge, Glenridding, Cumbria Mini Adventure: Mountain Walk/Scramble Time: 5-7 Hours. Make sure to take a map and compass, and know how to use them before going into our National Parks #BeAdventureSmart, Nearest Train (or tube) Station(s): height: 27px; border: 1px solid #ffffff; /*nav related*/ We will descend Helvellyn via Swirral Edge to the right of Helvellyn in this pic and return to this point via the path to the right. This was our first time up Helvellyn. transform: scale(1.05,1.05); /*Bottom Left*/ 2020/21 Catalogue. Helvellyn is a popular area for winter climbing in the Lake District. Looking back along Striding Edge - you can see the easier and quicker path to the left of the ridge line clearly in this pic. Ordnance Survey Map: OS 90 Penrith & Keswick 1:50,000 scale. There are many fine ways to climb Helvellyn but an ascent via Striding Edge has to be considered the most spectacular of all. Once on the ridge, however, it was not as narrow as it appears from a distance and the exhilarating walk doesn’t present any technical difficulties, as long as you watch your feet! As Wainwright says “There’s no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing”. Still, it was a very enjoyable round… Striding Edge route map. TOG VERDICT: A thrilling mountain route for walkers who like living life on the edge. Stay Alas we never did spot the royal hiker. Looking up towards Patterdale Common and the Grisedale Valley with Nethermost Pike in the far distance. color:#ffffff; Helvellyn is the third-highest point in England. From the main road we follow the lane to the Kennels. Red Tarn next to Striding Edge looks quite small here! #lcsp_wrapper_1364641573 .lcsp_logo_container a.lcsp_logo_link, color: #ffffff!important; Striding Edge. Please take care! 7oC. padding: 8px 12px; On top the climb plateaued before getting to the main ridge. The site contains details of the Lake District’s 214 Wainwright fells and 541 Birkett fells as well as walking routes and guides. After all the recent high end routes, we felt it was time to go back to basics: Sharp Edge is a classic grade 1, and probably the most poular lakeland scramble after Striding Edge. border: 1px solid #ffffff; -moz-transform: scale(1.05,1.05); There are many routes up to Helvellyn - and previously I have walked right up through the centre of Grisedale Valley to the dip in the distance (centre left) - and then up to Dollywagon Pike, the Nethermost Pike and then Helvellyn - it's a long walk though! #lcsp_wrapper_1364641573 h3.lcsp_logo_title:hover { Walking Time: Distance: Glenridding to Helvellyn via Striding Edge: CA11 0PD: 850 metres: 3 hours: 13 kilometres (round trip) Thirlmere to Helvellyn: CA12 4TW: 720 metres: 4 hours: 14 kilometres (round trip) Wythburn to Helvellyn: CA12 4TN: 940 metres: 6 … But I really wanted to climb Helvellyn. #lcsp_wrapper_1364641573 .owl-nav div { FFE includes: Chairs, Booths, Tables, Freezer, Fryer, Grill, Ice Machine, Refrigerator, Walk-In Cooler, Washer & Dryer. If, however, you’re primed for more scrambling then a descent via Swirral Edge is an option. Walk c220 Helvellyn via Striding Edge from Glenridding. } 3D image of the walk route. position: absolute; -moz-transition: all 0.3s linear; Here you can choose to attempt to climb over the top of the ridge, or along one of the paths that runs alongside the ridge, which are safer for beginners.

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