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Marker Duke and Baron (~2.8kg) these are freeride bindings designed for skinning short distances, rather than dedicated ski touring bindings. Atomic Hawx Ultra XTD120 and XTD130 TECH (2.9kg) – two excellent lightweight versions of the Hawx Ultra freeride boot. Ski touring is skiing in the backcountry on unmarked or unpatrolled areas. You will need these justifications to hand when you see the price tag however, but if you use it regularly it will definitely work out cheaper in the long run (well, maybe!) Ski mountaineering is a subclass of backcountry skiing with a focus on reaching the summit of a peak and skiing back down. When you have the right gear, few things are more fun than skiing. Skis should be a minimum of 85mm underfoot … The Alchemist Wailer 110 is a great option for someone looking for a wider touring ski that doesn’t weigh a ton. Three more fantastic on and off piste resort skis from Scott, that are also very light, making them a good choice for crossover resort and touring use – the modern day Missions! Dynastar M-Tour 99 (2.6kg at 178, 127-97-117, 20m) Developed from the classic, award winning Mythic – M-Tour 99s show more stability at speed, improved edge grip and they just love powder. Of the ones above – the Lange XT3 130 LV gives a low volume fit, the Head Kore 1 give a mid volume fit, the Rossignol Alltrack give a mid/high volume fit and the Salomon QST and Dalbello Lupo give a high volume fit. In the past, ski touring was reserved for people who lived in mountainous regions, but over the last 20 years it has really taken off. Getting hold of the best and lightest kit available is generally always worth it. Startup Expenses: Average expenses incurred when starting a ski touring gear. On the other hand, compared to any dedicated, modern touring binding, the Shift is just too heavy, complicated, and unreliable for regular use. Well designed pack, with an interchangeable airbag system, so it can be installed in different packs. Safety First. favorite this post Jan 12 ROSSIGNOL MEN'S FREE TOURING SKI BOOTS ALLTRACK PRO 120 LT $250 (whi > … Alpine Touring Equipment ... Atomic Backland 95 Alpine Touring Ski. Dynafit Radical ST (1.07kg) Back by popular demand! Check out our complete line of ski touring gear: AT skis, boots & bindings; gloves, poles, packs, avy gear and more. Dalbello Quantum (1.9-2.3kg) – New superlight touring boot from Dalbello. NB Whatever poles you buy, make sure you have reasonable sized baskets (5cm plus in diameter) for the softer conditions. Atomic Hawx Prime XTD130 TECH (2.9kg) – extending their range, Atomic now offer the Hawx XTD in a wider fit called the Prime –  producing a medium/high volume boot, with a highly customisable fit. Weighing in at 1240g a pair, the Kingpin M-Werks is a strong competitor against the Frischi Vipec/Tecton and Dynafit Rotation models (details below), for skiers wanting a fully featured lightweight freeride/touring pin binding with good downhill performance and enhanced safety release. These are ideal skis for a mix of off piste and ski touring in the Alps and Norway etc – eg trips like our Senja Island ski touring week and our Haute Maurienne off piste skiing holidays. We only recommend metal bladed shovels, as when digging in real life in hard avalanche debris, plastic blades flex so much that they and are totally ineffective. Ski Touring Gear We sell ski touring boots, walk/ski touring bindings and adjustable ski touring poles tried and tested in all conditions on the mountain. The official site of G3 Gear. Marker Kingpin M-Werks  (1,24kg). Three good dedicated touring packs in this size range are the Mammut Nirvana 35 and Ortovox Haute Route 40 and 38 S and three good lightweight mountaineering packs that work well for ski touring are the Deuter Guide Lite 30+, Ortovox Trad 35, and Mammut Trion Light 38. With gear prices as they are and relatively few people interested in compiling a large quiver of different options, versatility in touring packs is also key. Please note however, that these helmets do not pass the safety test for resort skiing helmets – so if you want a lightweight helmet you can use for resort skiing too, then look at one of the following: The Salomom MTN Patrol Helmet is designed specifically for backcountry skiing and passes both the climbing helmet, ski touring helmet and resort skiing helmet safety tests – it’s light at 340g and has two different liners – a winter one with ear flaps incorporated and a summer one without. They weigh in at 1.56kg, which is still quite respectable. The latest designs are getting lighter though, with a number of touring sized packs now available around the 2.5kg mark. The main difference is that the system is fixed permanently into the pack, so you can’t swap it between rucsacs. Essentially this is a comfortable, supportive downhill boot with a good walk mode. There are a variety of AT bindings on the market these days, ranging from alpine-touring specific to resort/backcountry hybrid bindings. Buy ski brakes too as a matter of course. Or you know, right off the bat, that you will prefer lighter weight ski gear. TUV certified, the design allows good power transfer during turns, changing from ski to walk mode without removing the ski, ski flex compensation and it has a ‘high din’ lockout mode at the toe (so the ski stays on whilst skinning, but will still release if you get caught in an avalanche whilst skinning) – these are all useful features in a touring binding. SCARPA Alien RS Alpine Touring Boot. But, there's a huge upside: Allow us to introduce Backcountry's European sister site - Bergfreunde! Plum Yak (1.2kg) French pin binding, similar to the original Dynafit bindings but with a few tweaks – they look lovely with all metal construction, come with brakes, the boot heel sits on a platform for stability and they have wider mounting holes for use on 100mm+ skis. With that in mind then, here are a few of the best lightweight wider bodied touring skis on the market at the moment – in order to convince yourself that you really do need a pair! Dynafit Rotation ST (1.25kg) TUV certified. This update, though, is a full, ground-up touring boot, and is remarkable in many ways. Wir antworten in der Zwischenzeit! Ski touring gear guide. Beefier, more user friendly all-round touring version of the original, well proven Dynafit pin binding design. Ski Boots. Non refillable cartridge, so cannot be taken on flights in North America. NB We’ve seen various boot compatibility issues with the latest Fritschi toepiece, so make sure you buy the binding from a retailer that sells a lot of these bindings and always take your boots to the shop, so the staff can check compatibility with your own boots before drilling any skis! With several new patented features, this is one of the lightest bindings available with fully adjustable vertical and lateral release settings, brakes and a wide mounting pattern for use on 100mm+ skis. Large boot sizing, high release values of tech bindings, and a lack of kids … For more technical ski mountaineering trips (eg the Bernina ski tour) that may involve climbing on icy ground and snowed up rock, then you still need to use good steel crampons. Therefore, it’s important to make sure that your bindings are correctly set up, set at an appropriate release value for your weight/height/age and ability and properly serviced with the release mechanisms functioning correctly before each holiday. Home / Ski / Knowledge Base / Ski Touring Equipment Advice. You always hope the weather stays clear for the summit views, but you have to prepared if it is not. Buy them from a physical shop and in particular, one that sells a lot of touring boots, so they’ll know how to set up the bindings correctly and tweak your boot soles too if necessary. Important Note: All of the lightweight boots above only work with tech bindings that have a standard 2 pin attachment system at the heel (ie you cannot use them with any bar/frame design bindings, or with the Dynafit Beast, Marker Kingpin and Salomon Shift bindings). All items in stock. Volkl Blaze 106 – (3.44kg at 179cm, 146-106-128, triple radius) New this year – very versatile, easy handling freeride ski using Volkl’s unique 3 radius sidecut. The binding is ‘multi norm compatible’, so it fits a wide range of boots and at 1.7kg, it is considerably lighter than other freeride bindings that offer the convenience and feel of an alpine downhill binding on the descent. Nowadays there’s pretty much the same choice in women’s backcountry ski boots as men’s, with all of the major manufacturers producing female specific versions of their popular backcountry models. Secure shopping |  Now in their second year, Markers’ updated Kingpin binding combines the lightweight toepiece off their Alpinist binding, with an updated version of the Kingpin heel unit. Cross-Country Touring and Race and Performance Classic Skis: If you plan to ski at Nordic ski areas and stay in the groomed tracks, then you will want to find skis no wider than 68mm (the maximum width of ski … However, all binding manufacturers are continually looking to improve safety and a number of the latest pin binding designs that offer improved lateral release function have been tested and awarded TUV safety certification, so this is a good thing to look out for if you want to prioritise safety release capability in your bindings. Warning – Smart Phone Apps: if you come across a smart phone app claiming to turn your phone into an avalanche transceiver – DO NOT BUY IT, as these do not work! Volkl Blaze 94 – (3.14kg at 179cm, 134-94-116, 3 radius sidecut) The Blaze 94 is a very fun and accessible ski – it’s unique 3 radius sidecut allows easy short and long radius turns in a wide variety of different terrain and snow types. NB You’ll be glad to know that the days of  ‘shrink it and pink it’ (ie just making smaller versions of men’s gear) are now long gone. Fritschi are probably the leading brand in terms of being the longest established in the market and having an excellent reputation for reliability. In this niche, the Atomic Backland Carbon is the best backcountry ski boot we have assessed. Alpine touring skis, telemark skis, or snowboard (split-board or with short approach skis). Currently, our favourite backcountry ski poles are the Black Crows Oxus (strong) and Black Diamond Expedition 2, if you want a telescopic pole. These bindings are also available in a lower din range version, which makes them suitable for lighter skiers – both my kids ski on them and I’ve been very impressed with the smooth and reliable release function that they offer at this lower range. The Zero G Tour Pro enters the fray from long-time backcountry ski boot manufacturer Tecnica. Buying ski touring gear all at once can be expensive. The R10 version has lower 4-10 release values and if you fancy saving another 50 grams (and ££s), then the new C-Raider 12 version out this year sheds weight with a part carbon toepiece. The following will cover everything you need on our chamonix ski touring course and our ski touring holidays – some items on or ski touring kit list are only needed on particular (eg multiday) tours – as indicated in the notes. Scott Orbit (2.4Kg) – Lightweight touring boot from Scott, with a higher volume fit. Hagan makes backcountry skiing equipment for people like you – active people with a love for winter recreation in the mountains. The deployment system on this pack uses a rechargeable battery and fan system to inflate the airbags, allowing multiple deployments per charge and no problems with flying. Take a look at our range for ski touring. 85mm to 100mm Unless you’re doing summer ski mountaineering or logging miles of approach in the backcountry, 85 millimeters should be just about the narrowest and lightest backcountry ski … If in doubt, its best to size up, due to the long tip rocker. The original Kingpin is still available – they are solidly built, easy to use and give good ski performance. Skis should be a minimum of 85mm underfoot and a maximum of 105mm. We make gear we use and believe in, because we love alpine ski touring for the same reasons you do – elevating our heart rates while … Updated October 2020, for the 2020-2021 winter season. SKI TOURING. The final option is to go for a hybrid steel/alloy crampon, which offers some of the benefits of both – ie a light weight alloy rear half and strong steel front points to deal with occasional rock and ice. Boot Compatibility In order to use pin bindings, you need a pair of compatible ski boots with the appropriate metal pin tech inserts moulded into the toe and heel (you cannot retro fit these to older boots). The gas powered systems are lighter, but the newest electric systems are now only ~300g heavier and offer a number of significant advantages – the most important being: If you live in the mountains and do all of your skiing locally, then a gas powered system may be a good option – but if you fly to go skiing, or ski in remote areas, then an electric powered system is the best option. I’d recommend these for day touring activities and lighter ski setups, rather than multiday tours carrying a heavier pack. All these packs are well designed and big enough for multi-day hut tours – each offering slightly different features depending on what range of activities you plan to use the sac for. This makes the Shift binding suitable for a far wider range of skiers – so if you are in the market for a lightweight freeride binding that you could use for resort skiing in alpine boots one week and a La Grave off piste ski holiday the next, then these are now a great option for many people. Scott Slight 93 (3.1kg, 136-93-124, 16m radius), Scott Slight 100 (3.4kg, 139-100-129, 18m radius) and Scott Slight 93 Women’s (2.9kg, 136-93-124, 13m radius). Non refillable cartridge, so cannot be taken on flights in North America. The Maestrales offer a noticeably wider range of walk motion than other similar boots, so make a good choice for dedicated tourers who do a lot of skinning.

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