salute to my youth

Tianye does not want to bring his parents as they will be moaning non-stop. Meili, Can Can’s best friend was also recruited with Tao Yating and finally Tianye. Can Can asked him to give them to Jiaze for her. 4 Leadership Essay. Now, the original friends and Xinyi had agreed to go back to their hometown for the 7th anniversary of their promise to dig up their memory box. (done this same thing myself several times, lol). Tao Yating was playing the cello when a very handsome man interrupted her and told her she was doing very well. Because she was into Jiaze in a big way. He was silently jealous but he knew the two were too innocent to be doing any hanky panky in the woods. Main Role. 1 Contact Information. Can Can was at Tianye’s house packing a hospital bag for him when she knocked a photo frame in his bedroom. Can Can won the final shootout of the basketball game for her team. It was going to be their sports day and Can Can got recruited for the basketball team. Aze waited and when a customer arrived, he explained that he needed the cake desperately for a girl who is very important to him and he was willing to pay three times the price for it. So sad. They met again fairly soon and they were even made to collaborate on a forthcoming magazine article about music producers. While Lin Jiaze and Lantianyo both ask Su out, she chooses to be with Lantianyo instead. Tianye was actually rather indisposed as he had been playing games at an internet cafe in all hours of the day and evening. 11 Tracks. While she was watching over him in the hospital, she wrote the lyrics for their Tianye & Can Can song. Can Can imagined that it would just be perfect if she can be one as well and see Jiaze all the time. There is a deleted scene from youtube where Yating went on a blind date only to realise the blind date was a surprised but happy Aze. As their high school year is about to end, Meili convinced Can Can to confess to Jiaze so that she will never regret that she did not do it. Episode 1 35m. Episode 9 35m. Su Can Can loves learning about literary works. 2019: My Youth add. Baidu baike; Douban; Chinese wikipedia; Weibo Tianye found her crying alone in a near dark corner of the school ground. After some longing exchange of looks which were interrupted by the arrival of Jiaze, who then whisked Can Can as Tianye had to answer a call. It was from Aze when he went to Taiwan and promised to send her a postcard. They found the box, and each of the friends received back what memorabilia they had put in. Wear a mask in public transport and shops. 2. Can Can said that he was lying. It was a small world for Can Can and Tianye. Aze had accidentally found out that Can Can was now with Tianye. Youth Inn (2021) Ni Chang (2020) as Xie Xiaoni; My Girl (2020) as Meng Hui; Salute to My Youth (2019) as Su Cancan; Meteor Garden (2018) as Jiang Xiaoyou; I Cannot Hug You 2 (2018) as Cheng Meiyou; Movies. Details. Tianye said that it was alright. They played the King Game which is a card came and a variation of spin the bottle. But her second try was another fail. She just managed to do it under the cover of some trees and decided also to remove her vest when a boy runs into her and they both fell on the ground. The usually quiet Tao Yating became even quieter because as she helped her mother packed her suitcase she accidentally saw her mother’s divorce certificate. He just left Berklee without a leave of absence. Su Can Can was finding ways to be close to him and confess to him but she seemed to be prevented from doing so by his best friend Lan Tianye. After this meeting, Tianye was always with Can Can which was noticed by Jiaze who was so jealous of the familiarity between Can Can and Tianye. What she wanted she always got from him and more. She was worried about her keys but Tianye told her to be more worried about her foot as she seemed to have sprained her ankle. In 2019, Zhao starred in the youth drama Salute to My Youth as his first leading role. Education: Shanghai Institute of Visual Art; External Links. He took her notebook where she scribbles everything. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. He was the one who advised her to make up with Tao Yating and also to undo her mischief which resulted in Yating being taken out of the broadcasting club by her father. Now is the start of hugging, plenty of it, and kissing. No matter what she said the teacher would not listen. Lan Tianye gets hurt for helping Su Cancan. Tao Yating met Zhou Lin on campus. Can Can was with Meilie who was moaning about living with a boyfriend. Six hopeful friends journey into adulthood to create the moments that pull them together, draw them apart and make them fall in love. And then he turned cold towards her again. The council’s mission is to assist communities to applaud, encourage, and provide opportunity for the leadership development of their youth. He said he was going to walk his girlfriend to school. Poor Can Can. They discuss their shared love of Harry Potter’s books. Episode 8 38m. She then saw the smiling face of Jiaze. Awww, “You, you have kissed me twice, you have to take responsibility.”. Can Can was laughing at Meilie’s domesticity problem but soon realised that she had left her card reader at the DOS office. Can Can apologised to Aze that she can’t come to his performance because she had already agreed with Tianye to go with him to Jay Chou’s concert. Episode 2 38m. He was so good at it but Can Can was worried that he might hurt his back so she went to look for more thicker mats for him. Can Can was amateur so she was being taught by Jiaze to skate but she collapsed in his arms which made him happy but Tianye was unhappy when he saw them hugging. 8. Su Cancan's writes the lyrics of "Salute to My Youth.". Follows a group of young girls from their high school days to their adult life. Su Can Can is a first-year high school student who likes the handsomest and most intelligent boy in their year. They demanded money which the frightened Can Can readily give them. Now Tao Yating’s mother left her and her father to go abroad for work. 5. On a local level over 4000 students have been recognized in the Greater Wyoming Valley. 6. Aze tried to persuade her to change her mind. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this site’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. She realised that Tianye insulted her teasingly over five years but at the same time he was so devoted to her. Lan Tianye teaches Su Cancan to play basketball. He asked when she started crushing on Jiaze. I may not understand fully what went on but I got the gist. 7. Poor Can Can had sprained her ankle but this did not stop her attending her graduation. Lan Tianye and Su Cancan work together. $79.99 $ 79. Release year: 2019. Tianye and Can Can are developing a cute friendship. They looked compatible. Li Jia Qi, or Nicky Li, as she’s also known, is a Chinese actress. While there, she almost bumped into Tianye, who decided to go back to China as there was nothing to keep him in the USofA. The guard found them and told them off for having dirty hearts and loose morals. Lately Can Can seems to get into trouble because of Tianye. Though Tianye was rather reluctant at first, he went to help Can Can but she would not obey his instruction at first. Can Can sat next to a sleeping Tianye in his hospital bed. Since then, she has appeared in a handful of television dramas, including "Wait my youth", “My Girl” (2020). Su Can Can suka belajar tentang karya sastra. Tianye told her to ignore the tickets and then he hung up. Can Can stumbled and dropped her house keys in a manhole. This was very sad and Aze finally admitted that he was out of time with Can Can. Jiaze had a brilliant idea of bringing fake parents. He asked her to go and find something to eat. Can Can went to America with her boss for a seminar. Ash (2020) Trivia. But it went all wrong when Tianye realised that the sweets were not meant for him but for Jiaze. Awww. 1. She found a hidden letter from the back of the frame. Stream Tracks and Playlists from Youth Salute on your desktop or mobile device. This is because their overall appearance suited the character more, since i already got to know the characters in AOY, I was expecting the characters to be lower than my expectations, but I was wrong. The bar manager later called Tianye to come and collect a drunk Wenxin. Yating told Jiaze that if he takes his time, he might lose altogether. Tianye brought with him his new friend Xingye who when he saw Yating thought that she was his online ‘almost girlfriend’. The 40th annual Central Kentucky Council on Youth Leadership “Youth Salute” awards ceremony was held online Oct. 10 hosted by Asbury University. She tripped on him and fell over him and her lips locked into his. 3. Can Can was so happy to receive hers and hug the bearer fo the letter, which was Tianye. Chinese Drama, 2019, 24 eps. © Global Granary, 2020. (Source: Viki) With his more visible presence, it gave Can Can the confidence to perhaps it was time to confess to Aze. It has fun, comedy, gorgeous cast, lovely story, drama, pathos with tearjerking moments. aww so cute. It seemed that they had reconciled. 2 Leadership Roles, Activities, & Honors. Xingyi and Meiyi got wasted and the group had to bring them home. Xu Meimei helps her best friend to changes the seating chart, but unfortunately ends up seating with Su Cancan and Lan Tianye. Can Can has made up her mind. Can Can found out that her mortal enemy wasn’t too bad at all. Aze said that it does not suit her so he took her shopping for a more modest white virginal dress. Instead of calling Tianye for help and to console her, Can Can called Yating. She was always Aze this, Aze that. He was being watched by Yating watching Tianye and Can Can being so friendly with each other. Wenxin asked if she could sit with them. He was always there where she needed someone most. She should get it together with Aze. So sad. Wait, My Youth. Help them show off their unwavering pride with this Salute to Service hoodie from Nike. Zhou Lin is finally dating his first love. Main Role. He gave her a lollipop to cheer her up. Can Can was just about to do it when the boy next to Jiaze woke up. But she has also been invited by Aze to his recital and had told her that he has a very important thing to tell her. Su Cancan's writes the lyrics of "Salute to My Youth." 2020: Fake Princess add. Can Can gave Tianye a jar of sweets. Chinese Drama, 2020, 27 eps. She had a mini-breakdown in the toilet later on as she was still processing letting go of her seven years of being in love with their teacher and being asked about this love on her teacher’s wedding was traumatic. She said that she will retake the test and will follow him in a year’s time. This was the episode where Tianye had to pull Can Can towards him to protect her from a flying ball. Because of the trouble, she was in, her cousin, Tang Yating, got to read the poem Can Can wrote. He was always been very kind and very accommodating to everyone. Xinyi finally found out that his online girlfriend was actually Meilie. Tianye came back from Berklee to tell Can Can that he was not accepting the breakup. Everyone is happy, including Yating and Aze who had become touchy-feely. She begged Tianye to go back to Berklee and fulfill his dream, she would feel forever guilty if he just cast away what he had always dreamed of. Can Can brought Tianye to her house – into her bedroom to treat his bruises. Can Can, Meile, Aze, Tianye, Yating met up for lunch. Can Can collects candy wrappers and the best provider of them was Tianye who was forever eating sweeties. He noticed that Tianye gave Can Can a hot water bottle for her stomach/period pain. He can’t really keep hanging on. Can Can was looking after his dad’s records store when a gang came in. He said he was actually feeling very happy. And the bonus to this it that they’re both as good. It was Tianye. Wenxin turned out to be the young sister of Zhou Lin. Ji Xi invited both Can Can and Tianye to go out to dinner but Can Can made some excuses and left immediately. When Aze seemed uninterested about love thing, Can Can totally lose confidence. This episode is about Can Can finally have to make a decision. Can Can excitedly called Tianye to thank him but she teased him that the concert was on a Friday night and she has Marxism subject on Fridays. He said that he lives nearby. She was just about to hand her letter when she saw him being hugged by his ex-girlfriend. These qualities do not have to be from the same person. The five friends buried their most treasured item for posterity under a tree. She said she had turned into a very unwilling domestic goddess. He had to let her go because he had really no choice. She fell again and being scolded by a woman skater when Tianye came and scoop her up in his arms. 3 Student Biography. He should let her go as he cannot protect her or nurture her being so far away abroad. Tianye is absolutely spoiling the clueless Can Can. After an awkward ‘how have you been?’  the lift suddenly stopped and they were trapped. Can Can was so excited because their teacher had decided to completely rearrange the seating plan,  Can Can was hoping that she ends up sitting with Jiaze. Season 1. He left the cake to the dorm lady to give to Can Can but he did not give his name. Can Can was so happy to find out that Jiaze was in her class. Her roommates were impressed because it was not easy to get the tickets as they are selling as the hottest of hotcakes.

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