pcsxr save state not working

PCSX-ReARMed save state are far lighter than Retroarch one. Save state and load state function were working fine. This convenience is the biggest and most popular reason for using savestates. Can be changed by accessing the retroarch menu in game (Select+x is default.) PCSX-R is the best choice if you want to play 3D games at higher resolutions. Nothing happens when I press f1-f3. The top of the compressed file has a magic number of 1F8B0800, which when searched for seems to be a .gz compression file.So I wrote two small shell scripts to unpack and then repack a save state. Now after a couple of reboots everytime I save state it says "Saving State 0%" on screen and never gets any further. I'm using the latest beta but I also downloaded the latest stable release and I have the same problem. On the off chance it should be working and I'm simply doing something wrong, I wanted to ask about it here. The save state system only works as long as the pcsx-r is running, but once I close it the whole thing gets resetted; losing my save states in the process. Since I'm getting back into FFVIII, I decided to knock up a command to start it up from a save state in one go. So I'm asking if there is any way to save my progress without relying on the save state feature which only temporarily works for me atm and thanks in advance to those that would reply. If this were hooked up, it would save a savestate file. The file you're missing in the slot 8 file is just four bytes, 00 00 0B 9A to be specific. I did a little checking, and since the PCSX2 save state file is just a renamed zip file, it's easy enough to look at. If you want to try (filename given for example) : - Load a game on PCSX-ReARMed and make a save state, close the emulator. Attempting to compress it back to a 7z file and renaming it doesn't work. My instinct is no. Have RetroPie setup on a Pi 3, everthing on a 64gb SD card. Help! - pcsxr controller setup -
My laptop has windows 8.1. and it should support pcsx … Save a state by clicking Emulator > Save States and selecting a slot or by pressing Ctrl+Slot Number eg. The screen just turns white and the emulation stops. PCSX-Reloaded, also known as PCSXR, PCSXr or PCSX-r, is a plugin based console emulator built on top of the PSEmu Pro plugin interface, which allows playing Play Station 1 … For example, shortcuts can be used to save/load states, remove FPS limit or test different interlacing modes. I'm guessing this probably means that the feature was never fully built into the emulator software, however I've been unable to find anything online that states one way or the other. F2 : Change State F3 : Load State it's actually working like quick save game "the best part is that the games won't know u saved like Resident Evil & so on" anyway you have 5 different states to save on them & u can change between them by using F2 and to load the saved state just select the state you want by F2 then press F3 to load it & that's it It doesn't produce any messages after the save state is loaded (or saved), seemingly assuming everything is in order. I also can't take screens with f8. E: Also, all the broken save states are EXACTLY 8192 bytes, whereas the working ones are all 100+ KB. You could create that file and name it appropriately to see if that helps. Note: Some of these hotkeys (such as F6 and F9), although not GSdx-specific, will not work with other GS plugins. One problem I'm having is that save/load state isn't working for me at all. Running the debug version. Anyone know how … The player does not need to find a game save point or wait for a lull in the action - a single hotkey press is all it takes to trigger the creation of a savestate. Load a state by clicking Emulator > Load States and selecting a state previously saved to a slot or by pressing Alt+Slot Number eg. On top of this, when I use the in game memory card save options it never remembers the saved data on reload. Take what I am going to say with caution, this can destroy your progress : you can use Retroarch save state on PCSX-ReARMed but reverse not work. Hotkey list I think I've already donated, but regardless thankyou again for making the first usable libre PSX emulator.

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