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Now a modern city, Marl was first mentioned in the 9th cent. [12], Marl has been used in Pamlico Sound to provide a suitable artificial substrate for oysters in a reef-like environment. [7], Marl as lacustrine sediment is common in post-glacial lake-bed sediments. Marl 09 . Account; Wishlist; Log In; Menu. Definition of marl in the Fine Dictionary. Marl 07 . cloth with areas of different colors that do not form a regular pattern, made from marl yarn (= thread for knitting): Marl is made by combining two different colored yarns in the thread which is used to … 92,590), North Rhine–Westphalia, W Germany. b. Although I'm not especially fond of marled yarn, when I make it myself it is much more appealing. The yarn diagram in the below figure shows clearly both the alternation of the colors that are the primary effect of a marl yarn and the plain structure, which is that of an ordinary folded yarn. [14], Marl was in high demand for farms. place to share my love of Marl, calcium carbonate or lime-rich sedimentary rock; Marl, North Rhine-Westphalia, a city in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany; Marl, Lower Saxony, a municipality in Lower Saxony, Germany; Marl Kingdom, a series of RPGs created by Nippon-Ichi; Marled yarn is made from strands of different-colored yarn twisted together. Marl may refer to:. [2][3] The term is today often used to describe indurated marine deposits and lacustrine (lake) sediments which more accurately should be named 'marlstone'. Marled yarns are formed by twisting together plies of different colors. Subscribe. Normal pond life is unable to survive, and skeletons of freshwater mollluscs such as Sphaerium and Planorbis accumulate as part of the bottom marl. Related words - marl synonyms, antonyms, hypernyms and hyponyms. [18], Lime-rich mud or mudstone which contains variable amounts of clays and silt, Modern agricultural and aquacultural uses, "Astrochronology for the Messinian Sorbas basin (SE Spain) and orbital (precessional) forcing for evaporite cyclicity", "Marl in the Coastal Plain of North Carolina: From Agriculture to Aquaculture", "Ecological sensitivity of marl lakes to nutrient enrichment: evidence from Hawes Water, UK", Palaeoenvironmental Interpretation of the Early Postglacial Sedimentary Record of a Marl Lake,, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. This page was last edited on 31 December 2020, at 13:37. To cover, as part of a rope, with marline, marking a peculiar hitch at each turn to prevent unwinding. Pronunciation of marl and it's etymology. definition - marl yarn. We chose this lustrous longwool to add structure and some complexity to the blend. This 100% acrylic yarn stitches up with great definition and is available in a wide array of soft shades. “From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English marl /mɑːl $ mɑːrl/ noun [uncountable] 1. soil consisting of lime and clay 2. cloth which has pale threads running through … Marl 01 . Thread is a type of yarn intended for sewing by hand or machine.Modern manufactured sewing threads may be finished with wax or other lubricants to withstand the stresses involved in sewing. Blacker Yarns. these yarns as staple-spun yarns, because the fibres used are generally known to as staple fibres. It may be defined as "the yarn produced by the combination of at least two or more than two fibers". Marl or marlstone is a carbonate-rich mud or mudstone which contains variable amounts of clays and silt. [17], Marl continues to be used for agriculture into the 21st century, though less frequently. Two balls of the 400g aran has made an attractive fisherman's style crochet jumper. The 60's and 70's craft magazines loved to feature "Jiffyknits" design editorials, garments that knit up quickly using 2 or 3 strands of yarn together producing a marled fabric. These can be made from different types of fiber (such as cotton, wool or acrylic) that take dyes differently, then they are dyed for unusual effects. Show declension of marl Yarn is a long continuous length of interlocked fibres, suitable for use in the production of textiles, sewing, crocheting, knitting, weaving, embroidery, or ropemaking. You have no items in your basket. Home; About Us; Blog The Natural Fibre Company; Contact Us; Search: Search. … The striking two-coloured coats of Jacob sheep inspired us to create this unique yarn, with three distinct bases combining variations of the natural fleece colours.

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