learning outcomes of air pollution

Over 6.4 million U.S. children attend public school within 250 meters of a major roadway. Air pollution can also lead to severe diseaseslike cancer, heart diseases, and other res… Europe concerned with air pollution, which continues to have a significant impact on public health. Each year, this pollution costs 7 million lives across the globe – and a lot of suffering. 7 The National Curriculum Framework (NCF-2005) and the syllabi developed as a follow up for various curricular areas for each class consciously do not provide class-wise learning outcomes but inherently discuss stage-wise curricular expectations. Learning Outcomes. The damage on cognitive ability by air pollution also likely impedes the development of human capital. The blue dots show the location of Toxics Release Inventory (TRI) sites, which are factories or government facilities that are required to report their emissions to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) because they are using certain EPA-identified toxic chemicals. Superfund sites are bad enough that the EPA puts them on a National Priority List, and if potentially responsible parties refuse to participate, the agency is ultimately responsible for cleaning them up. Read papers in the original Brown Center Chalkboard series ». But could we soon add murder figures into this too? Although we do not currently have comprehensive evidence on which pollutants are most harmful, the evidence we do have is worrisome and suggests a source of inequality that has not yet been explored in depth. For instance, heat waves or the presence of air pollutants, such as ozone or fine particles, both have been associated with respiratory or cardiovascular diseases in humans. Communicating about the health effects of air pollution thus lies at the core of the Apheis programme, and constitutes a key objective that we are addressing for the first time in … exercise more product and rubric-oriented rather than facilitating overall development of children and improving the quality of learning. The rainwater flows through the surface and ends in the river, and when the surface gets polluted, all the rainwater will take the polluted surface particles with itself which will not only pollute the river, but it will also pollute the land through which the water flows. Global warming or the greenhouse effect is one of the reasons why the climate is warming up. The purpose of this work is to analyze the possible contemporary effects of PM 10 and other different air pollutants on standardized … Contributors to both the original paper series and current blog are committed to bringing evidence to bear on the debates around education policy in America. But there are many types of indoor air pollution as well. (Learn about how nanoparticles in the air could be adding to the harm.) These are a few effects on human beings, plants, and animals due to air pollution: 1. TEACHING OBJECTIVES LEARNING OUTCOMES CONTENT CONTENT •Air pollution •Increase of green house effect. We compare children who switch from a school that is upwind from a highway to a school that is downwind of a highway, and find that highway pollution affects students’ test scores, behavior, and absences. Course Outcome: • Understanding of air/water pollution regulations and their scientific basis • Apply knowledge for the protection and improvement of the environment • Ability to monitor and design the air and water pollution control systems If you know someone who has a cold, you tend to steer clear of them because you don't want to catch their germs. After this lesson, students will be able to: 1. define air pollution 2. explain the sources of air pollution 3. discuss and describe types of air pollution Air pollution is usually thought of as smoke from large factories or exhaust from vehicles. In addition, if schools are not fully in control of students’ test scores but still face rewards and sanctions for these scores, this raises important questions of fairness, particularly if the schools serving the highest fractions of Black or low-income children are the ones most affected by local pollution. As predicted by the Inter-Governmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), there will be an … Both human activity and natural processes can generate air pollution. Pollution is extremely widespread in the United States, as shown in Figure 1, which maps the location of two types of toxic waste sites in the United States in 2015. solve combustion problems and calculates amounts of pollutants emitted. We all have to breathe to live. Since African American, Hispanic, and low-income families are more likely to live in close proximity to sources of pollution like toxic waste and TRI sites, where housing is less expensive, it is possible that exposure to pollution is one mechanism through which poverty produces negative cognitive and health outcomes.

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