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Actually, you can employ suspended hyphens to save space. While they are not employed very often, hyphens are still important for clarity. You do not need hyphens if the adjective phrase comes after the noun. The room was 17 feet long. "Sun" by itself could not describe the tomatoes, so they are sun-dried. These are groups of words that are hyphenated because the string of words functions as one adjective modifying the noun that follows (Note: Don’t use a hyphen between the last word of the adjective and the noun being modified). I would agree that the hyphen can be overused, but surely the way round that is to cut them down to where they are essential to preserve a difference in meaning rather than abolish them altogether? A compound modifier (also called a compound adjective, phrasal adjective, or adjectival phrase) is a compound of two or more attributive words: that is, two or more words that collectively modify a noun. Examples: fully developed paragraph; somewhat hesitant response ; completely enclosed area; The tendency to hyphenate all compound adjectives is different from compound nouns since compound nouns are not always hyphenated. English compound modifiers are constructed in a very similar way to the compound noun. A compound modifier is a combination of two or more words that work together to describe a noun. These rules are probably the most difficult to remember. Examples: the you-are-so-grounded-for-the-rest-of-your-life look. Example: A strangely dressed individual. Most compound words require a hyphen. 2. Rather than writing out everything, you can do something like this: The 11- and 12-year students are at the assembly. A Word, Please: Some compound modifiers don't need a hyphen to make sense - Los Angeles Times Artemis Fowl, E. Colfer, 123 "Don't give me any of your lip today, Foaly, because today is not one of those Oh-I'm-so-impressed-with-the-pony's-technology days." the I-don't-have-to-spend-hours-on-my-hair-it's-effortless look. When writing out large numbers, you will sometimes need a hyphen. English is an ever-evolving language,so if you are not sure about something, look it up in a dictionary or style guide. Student-athlete 11. The grumpy old man mumbled as he walked. Inserting an en dash is a bit more tedious but still easy nonetheless. Reply. prepositional modifiers adjective modifiers adverbial modifiers noun modifiers What are some hyphenated words that begin with the letter N? Hyphens are a form of punctuation that the editors have seen being used incorrectly (or not at all) quite a bit lately. When you join words to describe a noun, you’re creating what’s called a phrasal adjective (3). How to Wish Someone Well in 2021. Use these tips to improve and expand your writing. A handy reference with examples of some common compound words that are hyphenated. One of the most common mistakes is not using a hyphen when writing out the age of something. The hyphen makes the sentence much clearer. Well, inserting hyphens is as easy as hitting the hyphen key on your keyboard, High-school athletics were very popular at my school. This article further clarifies the use of hyphens using examples sent … His half-hearted apology was accepted in the spirit in which it was offered. In many cases, such compounds are hyphenated when found before the noun they describe, but no hyphen is necessary when the compound is found in the predicate. Recommended: The app uses Android-specific techniques. Instead, spell out the entire phrase. Examples e-book e-commerce. No hyphen is needed when such terms are used as modifiers if the meaning is clear and unambiguous without the hyphen. Example uppercase and lowercase letters. The hyphen is not required because there is no significant difference between a … (accident-prone and injury-prone player) Recommended: The app uses techniques that are Android specific. Self-restraint 12. … (left-handed and right-handed artists)The coach was wary of signing a contract with the accident- and injury-prone player. Just for the record, Word Fans, the map for the hyphenated food words closely follows the graph of all the food words: Do you see that tiny little red dot at the very end? The handbag was light blue. Hyphenated Modifiers Full-Circle Ending Find your college HERE Magic Three. Twelve hours later, he was exhausted. G. garynamy OP stranger garynamy OP stranger G. Joined: Jan 2001 Posts: … Example#1: I am the water when the land turns stale with dryness, the curve when everything else is straight, and the only human in a world of Aliens. One of the most common hyphen problems in submitted articles is the lack of a hyphen for compound modifiers. A compound modifier is a combination of two or more words that work together to describe a noun. 3. Hyphenated Modifier Examples, free hyphenated modifier examples software downloads, Page 3. For instance: “The very dark sky hovered over us” versus “The raven-black sky hovered over us.” Sometimes the compound modifier does keep the hyphenation after the noun – when it follows a form of the verb “to be”. For example, email. In the sentence above, it sounds like you shouldn’t take down any load that is holding up a wall. In a phrase such as non–small-cellcarcinoma, if your word processor allows it, you may use an endash for the first hyphen and a regular hyphen for the second. HYPHENATED MODIFIERS •Example: “She’s got this blond hair, with dark highlights, parted in the middle, down past her shoulders, and straight as a preacher. A compound modifier is two or more words working like an adjective to modify another word, usually a noun. 5 Writing "Rules" That Are Really Guidelines, Tone vs. Is there a difference in meaning? Sometimes, you’ll have cases where all compound modifiers end with the same word. For example: It is necessary to hyphenate compound adjectives because without the hyphenation, the modifier would be read differently. A Hyphenated Modifier are words placed together. One article distinguishes hyphens from en and em dashes.. Another talks about open, closed, and hyphenated compound words.. Guideline 4: A Comma Isn’t Required After a Descriptor That Modifies an Adjective-Noun Combination . a word, especially an adjective or a noun, that is placed before a noun and describes it or limits its meaning in some way. Check-in 3. Hyphenate two words as one modifier when they would not work separately. Read more about dangling modifiers , and … How did you do? When two words act together as an adjective to modify a noun, a hyphen is often used to join them: This book has color-coded pages. This helps in avoiding ambiguity and confusion. The object of the hyphen in the compound modifier should normally be clarification. Jon Bon Jovi had massive hair in the mid-1980s. The shelves were buckling under the weight of dust-covered books. Some common examples of wrongly hyphenated words and phrases include: In this case, wrongly hyphenated does not get a hyphen because wrongly ends in -ly. Examples include third grade teacher, chocolate chip … Dry-cleaning 10. Adjectives in a compound modifier sometimes precede two nouns. Hyphens in numbers. Be warned, however, that there are still a lot of conservative editors out there who believe just the opposite and go overboard on the use of hyphens in compound modifiers. Blackboard Jungle, leftover ingredients, gunmetal sheen, and green monkey disease are only a few examples.. A compound modifier is a sequence of modifiers of a noun that function as a single unit. If the compound modifier begins with an adverb ending in “-ly,” then the hyphen is unnecessary. For example, The 2011 (hyphen) (hyphen) 2012 school year was my favorite year. Compound modifiers that contain a past participle also follow the same rules as any other compound modifier. Compound modifiers. These are the examples of the hyphenated modifiers: 'a man-eating animal', an emotion-filled speech, etc. A compound modifier consists of two words connected by a hyphen, which act together like one adjective. 2010). Examples: Suzanne won the race by a solid 15 feet. Books covered in … The after-dinner speaker was so long-winded, the cleaning staff were on hand for the last half of his address! This is a logical derivative of the previous … Here are some examples.. Sun-dried Tomatoes or Leather-bound book or Open-air kitchen. Here are some examples.. Sun-dried Tomatoes or Leather-bound book or Open-air kitchen. Example upper- or lower-right corner. Hyphenated Adjectives. 3. The punctuation of compound modifiers in English depends on their grammatical role. So you have a choice. Adverbs ending in -ly. We talk about hyphens in several different articles on this site. b - The compound adjective (brand new) is before the noun it modifies (truck), so it should be hyphenated. Or Created: Nov 13, 2017. docx, 15 KB. Examine how to effectively include hyphenated adjectives in your writing. You have been successfully subscribed to the Grammarly blog. Don't hyphenate adverbs ending in -ly except where needed … The first hyphen is followed by a space. I fall in the middle ground on this and say use the hyphen if not using it would create confusion. It can be created when a noun, pronoun, verb, or adjective has a series of words "glued" together with it using hyphens. Recommended: The app uses techniques that are Android specific. The food graph, if you recall, also indicates a dearth of food in Chapter 6 and plenty of crockery at the end of …

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