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ACCORDINGLY, THE COURT DENIES DEFENDANTS' 100 REQUEST FOR ORAL ARGUMENT WITHOUT PREJUDICE, NO APPEARANCES ARE REQUIRED, AND THE HEARING SHALL BE TAKEN OFF CALENDAR. General District Court Case Information Online access by locality to civil, criminal, and traffic cases in the general district courts. These always include the administrative sector, civil sector, criminal sector and sub-district sector. If the district court in question has no separate sector to handle cases governed by the law concerning aliens, such cases are dealt with by the administrative law sector or a division thereof. County Clerk Court Records; Business Court; District Courts; Friend of the Court; Probate Court; Reimbursement; Video; District Courts Currently selected. 13-6218) ONLY. Public Record Checks: All records are updated approximately 24 hours after posting. 14-1818) IS CONSOLIDATED WITH ACHARI V. SIGNAL (NO. Each court has a number of sub-district venues. (ATTACHMENTS: # 1 TEXT OF PROPOSED ORDER)(TADLOCK, CHARLES) (ENTERED: 07/17/2015), (#95) FINAL JUDGMENT. (TI, ) (ENTERED: 09/12/2014), (#35) MOTION FOR PRO HAC VICE ADMISSION OF WILLIE J. EPPS, JR., ESQUIRE (FILING FEE $40 RECEIPT NUMBER 107591) FILED BY THE PREMCOR REFINING GROUP INC., VALERO ENERGY CORPORATION, VALERO MARKETING AND SUPPLY COMPANY.CERTIFICATE OF SERVICE. BY MAGISTRATE JUDGE KATHLEEN M. TAFOYA ON 7/20/2015. 48th District Court. These include District courts are a category of courts which exists in several nations, some call them "small case court" usually as the lowest level of the hierarchy. Public Notice - Jury Trial Resumption. The court board is free to determine such matters. Family. In terms of civil law, the sub-district judge deals with all cases involving rents, hire purchase and employment. If the accused pleads guilty, the Court will hear any mitigation and pass sentence on the same day unless the Court orders various reports to be sought. District Courts. (DW) (ENTERED: 04/14/2015), (#122) MOTION TO WITHDRAW ATTORNEY APPEARANCE , FILED BY DEFENDANTS ZURICH AMERICAN INSURANCE COMPANY, ZURICH AMERICAN INSURANCE COMPANY OF ILLINOIS. With only a handful of exceptions, administrative disputes are heard by the district court; in many cases the hearing by the administrative law sector is preceded by an objection procedure under the auspices of the administrative authorities. (CBS) (ENTERED: 06/27/2014), U.S. District Courts | Illinois Southern District | Personal Injury | 3:14-CV-00051 | 01/15/2014, (#416) JOINT MOTION FOR EXTENSION OF TIME TO FILE MOTION TO DIMISS WITH PREJUDICE BY INGERSOLL-RAND COMPANY. NO LATER THAN 7 DAYS PRIOR TO THE CONFERENCE, THE PARTIES SHALL SUBMIT A JOINT PROPOSED CIVIL CASE MANAGEMENT PLAN, A JOINT LETTER ADDRESSING THE ISSUES ENUMERATED IN THE INITIAL PRETRIAL ORDERS AND ANY OTHER ISSUES THEY WISH THE COURT TO ADDRESS AT THE MARCH 3 CONFERENCE. All data provided is done so as a free service for the benefit of the general public and our constituents, not for the benefit or to support any commercial endeavors. 15 June 2020. Case may be searched using name, case number, or hearing date. Family and juvenile cases are often put into a separate sector, as is sometimes the case with the administration of … (CRANDELL, GARY) (ENTERED: 08/20/2015), U.S. District Courts | Illinois Southern District | Prisoner | 3:21-CV-00070 | 01/19/2021, U.S. District Courts | Georgia Middle District | Labor | 3:21-CV-00005 | 01/19/2021, U.S. District Courts | Florida Southern District | Other | 1:21-CV-20204 | 01/19/2021, U.S. District Courts | New York Southern District | Other | 1:21-CV-00475 | 01/19/2021, U.S. District Courts | Michigan Western District | Civil Right | 1:21-CV-00062 | 01/19/2021, U.S. District Courts | Illinois Southern District | Prisoner | 3:21-CV-00071 | 01/19/2021, U.S. District Courts | California Northern District | Personal Injury | 3:21-CV-00439 | 01/19/2021, U.S. District Courts | New Jersey District | Personal Injury | 3:21-CV-00877 | 01/19/2021, U.S. District Courts | California Central District | Other | 8:21-MC-00004 | 01/19/2021, U.S. District Courts | New York Southern District | Contract | 1:21-CV-00451 | 01/19/2021, U.S. District Courts | Texas Northern District | Prisoner | 4:21-CV-00061 | 01/19/2021, U.S. District Courts | Minnesota District | Other | 0:21-CV-00134 | 01/19/2021, U.S. District Courts | New York Southern District | Other | 1:21-CV-00448 | 01/19/2021, U.S. District Courts | Pennsylvania Eastern District | Other | 2:21-CV-00258 | 01/19/2021, U.S. District Courts | New Jersey District | Personal Injury | 3:21-CV-00871 | 01/19/2021, U.S. District Courts | New York Eastern District | Contract | 1:21-CV-00291 | 01/19/2021, U.S. District Courts | Florida Southern District | Personal Injury | 0:21-CV-60122 | 01/19/2021, U.S. District Courts | Rhode Island District | Labor | 1:21-CV-00037 | 01/19/2021, U.S. District Courts | Tennessee Eastern District | Government Benefit | 2:21-CV-00008 | 01/19/2021, U.S. District Courts | Ohio Southern District | Personal Injury | 2:21-CV-00182 | 01/19/2021. We welcome your use of this informational system. DOCUMENT FILED BY UNITED FOOD AND COMMERCIAL WORKERS UNION AND PARTICIPATING FOOD INDUSTRY EMPLOYERS TRI-STATE PENSION FUND. SIGNED BY JUDGE STEFAN R. UNDERHILL ON 3/24/2016. SHALL SERVE AS INTERIM LEAD COUNSEL TO THE PUTATIVE U.S. CLASS. In cases involving civil servants and social security issues, appeal is a matter for a special appeals tribunal, the Central Appeals Tribunal, and in most other cases for the Administrative Jurisdiction Division of the Council of State. Online payments are made using this system. For example, if you search for the file number, a link to the document list will display on the search results screen. Calendars Forms Jury Service Pay Online Request Copies AS TO CERTAIN PLAINTIFFS BY ALL PLAINTIFFS IN MEMBER CASE 1:13-CV-04766-JG-JO (ATTACHMENTS: # 1 EXHIBIT A) (NORMAN, RICHARD) (ENTERED: 11/05/2014), U.S. District Courts | New York Southern District | Other | 1:14-CV-00350 | 01/17/2014, (#48) MEMORANDUM OF LAW IN OPPOSITION RE: (115 IN 1:13-CV-07789-LGS) MOTION FOR RECONSIDERATION OF THE COURT'S FEBRUARY 19, 2014 ORDER.. DEFENDANTS TO RESPOND TO THE CVS COMPLAINT. Search online court records for free in U.S. District Courts by case number, case name, party, attorney, judge, docket entry, and more. The District Courts are courts of general jurisdiction. (POLLACK, R.) (ENTERED: 03/24/2016), (#465) STIPULATION AND [PROPOSED] ORDER EXTENDING TIME FOR U.S. Public Notice - COVID-19 Listing of Civil Trials IT IS FURTHER ORDERED THAT ALL DEADLINES FOR DEFENDANTS TO ANSWER OR OTHERWISE RESPOND TO THE CURRENTLY OPERATIVE COMPLAINTS ARE CANCELLED; AND ALL SCHEDULING ORDERS AND CASE MANAGEMENT PLANS IN THE ABOVE CASES ARE VACATED. IT IS HEREBY ORDERED THAT THIS APPEAL IS DISMISSED FOR FAILURE TO PROSECUTE. In criminal law, the sub-district judge only deals with minor offences, not serious offences. IT IS FURTHER ORDERED THAT AN INITIAL PRE-TRIAL CONFERENCE SHALL BE HELD ON MARCH 3, 2014, AT 11:30 A.M., WHERE COUNSEL SHALL BE PREPARED TO DISCUSS SCHEDULES FOR MOTIONS AND DISCOVERY, AS WELL AS ANY MOTION TO STAY DISCOVERY. Protocols between District Court and Magistrates Court. is optional. There is a general district court in each city and county in Virginia. This website is designed and targeted for U.S. audiences and is governed by and operated in accordance with U.S. laws. ALL ATTORNEYS' FEES AND COSTS ARE TO BE BORNE BY THE PARTY THAT INCURRED THEM. This site contains information about the District Court and publishes judicial decisions in a searchable database of District Court judgments including decisions on criminal, family, youth and civil matters. (BWN) (ENTERED: 10/01/2014), U.S. District Courts | Indiana Southern District | Other | 1:14-CV-00507 | 04/02/2014, (#123) ORDER GRANTING 122 MOTION TO WITHDRAW ATTORNEY APPEARANCE. (ATTACHMENTS: # 1 SPONSOR'S STATEMENT, # 2 TEXT OF PROPOSED ORDER, # 3 CERTIFICATE OF SERVICE)(JENKINS, PAUL) MODIFIED ON 9/11/2014 (TI, ). SIGNED BY JUDGE NANCY F ATLAS ON 7/17/2015. TEXT ONLY ENTRY (KMTLC2) (ENTERED: 07/20/2015), U.S. District Courts | Massachusetts District | Contract | 4:14-MD-02566 | 10/22/2014, (#228) MOTION FOR LEAVE TO APPEAR PRO HAC VICE FOR ADMISSION OF GARY L CRANDELL FILING FEE: $ 100, RECEIPT NUMBER 0101-5712013 BY VANTAGE PAYMENTS, LLC. The search tool returns a case summary and, where applicable, calendar information and a list of case activities (docket). SIGNED BY JUDGE RODNEY GILSTRAP ON 9/1/2015. K7 Design Group, Inc. v. Five Below, Inc. Kinoian v. Honeywell International, Inc. et al, Ramey v. Social Security Administration, Commissioner of. The search results also include municipal court cases from certain areas. The maximum term of imprisonment it can impose is 7 years. Welcome to the Kansas District Court Records Search application where you can find information regarding Kansas District Court Records cases. 14 July 2020. Case records and calendars are displayed for all Minnesota District (Trial) Courts. The U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia will be Closed on Monday, January 18, 2021 Tue, 01/12/2021 DDC Standing Order on Highly Sensitive Documents RESPONSES DUE BY 1/11/2016 (GRABOWSKI, JAMES) (ENTERED: 12/09/2015), U.S. District Courts | Texas Eastern District | Intellectual Property | 6:14-CV-00094 | 02/12/2014, (#205) FINAL JUDGMENT THAT THE PARTIES TAKE NOTHING AND THAT ALL PENDING MOTIONS ARE DENIED AS MOOT. If you do not agree with any of the above, your sole recourse is to not use this website. A number of district courts have a separate sector for family and juvenile cases, when the number of such cases is considerable. (CBS) (ADDITIONAL ATTACHMENT(S) ADDED ON 7/15/2014: # 1 REMAND LETTER) (CBS). Cases are handled by a single judge. This website provides access to North Dakota District Court Case information for Criminal, Traffic, and Civil case types. Search Tips How to find judgments and other information. RESPONSES DUE BY 4/8/2016 (ATTACHMENTS: # 1 TEXT OF PROPOSED ORDER)(HIRSCH, JEFFREY) (ENTERED: 03/22/2016), U.S. District Courts | Texas Eastern District | Intellectual Property | 2:14-CV-00201 | 03/10/2014, (#302) ORDER GRANTING 301 JOINT MOTION TO DISMISS WITHOUT PREJUDICE. Jump to search. SIGNED BY JUDGE ROBERT W. SCHROEDER, III ON 06/19/15. Enter the last name and first name of the person on the case you are trying to locate. District Court criminal jurisdiction extends to all felonies punishable by a sentence up to 5 years, and many other specific felonies with greater potential penalties, all misdemeanors, and all violations of city and town ordinances and by-laws. RE 44,186 FILED BY MYLAN PHARMACEUTICALS INC..(PALAPURA, BINDU) (ENTERED: 02/01/2016), U.S. District Courts | Georgia Northern District | Contract | 1:14-MD-02583 | 12/11/2014, (#192) ORDER DIRECTING THE CLERK TO FILE UNDER PROVISIONAL SEAL EXHIBIT C (SAME AS DOCUMENT 189-2), OF THE 191 MOTION OF NON-PARTY MASTERCARD INTERNATIONAL INCORPORATED FOR CONTINUED PROTECTION OF CERTAIN CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION FILED UNDER PROVISIONAL SEAL AND THAT RESPONSES TO THIS MOTION BE FILED UNDER PROVISIONAL SEAL AS WELL, IF NECESSARY. The Alaska Trial Courts include the superior and district courts. The District Court deals with serious criminal offences such as rape, armed robbery and fraud. ALL CLAIMS AND COUNTERCLAIMS ASSERTED IN THIS SUIT BETWEEN PLAINTIFF, AND DEFENDANT VOLVO CARS OF NORTH AMERICA, LLC, ARE HEREBY DISMISSED WITHOUT PREJUDICE. (CH, ) (ENTERED: 09/02/2015), (#301) JOINT MOTION TO DISMISS WITHOUT PREJUDICE BY LTD. NISSAN MOTOR CO., NISSAN NORTH AMERICA, INC., STANLEY ELECTRIC CO., LTD., STANLEY ELECTRIC U.S. CO., INC.. (ATTACHMENTS: # 1 TEXT OF PROPOSED ORDER)(HSU, SEAN) (ENTERED: 08/28/2015), U.S. District Courts | Louisiana Eastern District | Personal Injury | 2:14-CV-01161 | 05/21/2014, (#48) ORDER AND REASONS GRANTING 8 MOTION TO REMAND TO STATE COURT. THE PARTIES SHOULD CONSIDER THE COURTS INDIVIDUAL RULES, INCLUDING RULES III.A AND III.C.2. 141st District Court Judge John P. Chupp Tom Vandergriff Civil Courts Building - 3rd Floor 100 North Calhoun Street Fort Worth, TX 76196. ALL COSTS ARE TO BE BORNE BY THE PARTY THAT INCURRED THEM. These cases can be heard by a single judge or in full-bench panels with three judges. The civil sector handles cases not specifically allocated to the sub-district judge. The cost is $1.50 per search and $1.50 per case retrieved for view. The 11 Judicial Districts are served by 82 District Court judges who serve their elected counties but have jurisdiction to serve in any district court in the state. The official web site for the Arkansas Supreme Court provides information about cases, oral arguments, opinions, orders, dockets, history and technology services that improve public access by supporting Arkansas’s courts and criminal justice agencies. 22 May 2020. ... Search Our Records and Documents: View Mobile Version -,,,,,- ... Marilyn Burgess, Harris County District Clerk District Court Case Search. DEFENDANTS' REQUEST FOR JUDICIAL NOTICE IS GRANTED, THE COURT GRANTS DEFENDANTS' MOTIONS TO DIMISS, AND DISMISSES ALL CLAIMS WITHOUT PREJUDICE. Johnson County Kansas District Court Public Records: Case No: OR: Last Name or Business Name: First Name: Used only on Name Search General jurisdiction courts process all felony cases, all probate cases, most civil cases at law and in equity, certain special actions and proceedings, all civil actions that may result in a finding against the state for the payment of money, naturalization proceedings, various writs, and some narrowly-defined ballot issues. The District Court may try all serious criminal cases except murder, manslaughter and rape. (RILEY, RICHARD) (ENTERED: 02/02/2016), (#325) NOTICE OF SERVICE OF EXPERT REPORT OF DAVID P. ROTELLA PH.D. ON THE INVALIDITY OF U.S. PATENT NO. Search for a case : Search for a person: Find My Court Date Use this search to find out when you need to appear in district or municipal court. SIGNED BY JUDGE TANYA WALTON PRATT ON 4/13/2015. It is usual for these cases to be heard by a single judge, but here too the district court can decide to appoint three judges to a case which is complex or which involves fundamental issues. If the accused refuses to accept such a proposal, then the case comes before the sub-district judge. Feel Films Limited v. AP PRODUCTION SERVICES, INC. BLH Motors, LLC, d/b/a Genesis of Bloomington, COMMONWEALTH OF PENNSYLVANIA et al v. SCALIA et al. (ATTACHMENTS: # 1 SUPPLEMENT, # 2 SUPPLEMENT, # 3 SUPPLEMENT, # 4 SUPPLEMENT)(NFA1, ) (ENTERED: 07/17/2015), U.S. District Courts | Delaware District | Intellectual Property | 1:14-CV-00664 | 05/23/2014, (#326) NOTICE OF SERVICE OF OPENING EXPERT REPORT OF JAMES C. POWERS, PH.D. With UniCourt, you can access cases online, find latest docket information, view case summary, check case status, download court documents, as well as track cases and get alerts on new case updates and access U.S. District Courts cases with Legal Data APIs. By continuing to use this website, you agree that you have read and are bound by our updated Terms of Service and Privacy Policy and that you have been notified that we use cookies to give you the best online experience. This information is made available for public use by the Office of the Executive Secretary (OES) of the Supreme Court of Virginia. Requests for court records must be made in writing. (HDFITRK)(BDB) (ENTERED: 03/31/2016), (#191) MOTION PURSUANT TO PARAGRAPH VII OF THE PROTECTIVE ORDER, FOR CONTINUED PROTECTION OF CERTAIN CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION FILED UNDER PROVISIONAL SEAL BY NON-PARTY MASTERCARD INTERNATIONAL INCORPORATED WITH EXHIBITS A, B AND D. (COURT ALLOWED FILING) (HDFITRK)(BDB) (ADDITIONAL ATTACHMENT(S) ADDED ON 3/31/2016: # 1 EXHIBIT C PROVISIONAL SEAL) (BDB). DEFENDANTS TO RESPOND TO THE CVS COMPLAINT [CORRECTED] BY BARR LAB INC, BARR PHARMACEUTICALS INC, BOEHRINGER INGELHEIM PHARMACEUTICALS INC, DURAMED PHARMACEUTICALS INC, DURAMED PHARMACEUTICALS SALES CORP., TEVA PHARMACEUTICALS USA, INC., TEVA WOMEN'S HEALTH, INC.. (MILNE, ROBERT) (ENTERED: 03/23/2016), U.S. District Courts | California Southern District | Finance | 3:14-CV-02129 | 09/09/2014, (#102) ORDER: (1) GRANTING REQUEST FOR JUDICIAL NOTICE (DOC. Americans with Disabilities Act Home Page; ATTORNEY RESOURCES. ET AL. General District Court About . The general district court handles traffic violations, hears minor criminal cases known as misdemeanors, and conducts preliminary hearings for more serious criminal cases called felonies. Search online court records for free in Montana District Court by case number, case name, party, attorney, judge, docket entry, and more. Judgments from matters heard in the District Court are each given a Medium Neutral Citation (MNC) — this includes the year that the matter was heard, a court identifier, a unique number and the names of the parties to the case. Tax cases also fall under the administrative law sector. (ENTERED: 07/15/2014), (#47) ORDER GRANTING 44 MOTION TO CONTINUE SUBMISSION DATE OF MISSISSIPPI POWER COMPANY'S 17 MOTION TO DISMISS FOR LACK OF JURISDICTION . 817-884-1992. by order of the court: if you are experiencing any flu or cold-like symptoms, please notify your attorney immediately and remain outside the courtroom until further order of the court. IT IS FURTHER ORDERED THAT NO LATER THAN MARCH 31, 2014, INTERIM LEAD COUNSEL SHALL FILE A CONSOLIDATED CLASS ACTION COMPLAINT. (NO DOCUMENT ATTACHED) (AM1) (ENTERED: 09/29/2015), U.S. District Courts | New York Eastern District | Other | 1:14-MD-01720 | 02/14/2014, (#149) STATUS REPORT (JOINTLY FILED BY ALL PARTIES) BY ALL PLAINTIFFS IN MEMBER CASE 1:13-CV-05745-JG-JO (ATTACHMENTS: # 1 EXHIBIT A (DEFENDANTS' PROPOSED SCHEDULE)) (HERLIHY, KIMBERLY) (ENTERED: 11/11/2014), (#148) LETTER NOTIFYING COURT OF STIPULATION OF DISMISSAL FILED IN MEMBER CASE DELTA AIR LINES, INC. The judges of the criminal law sector deal with all criminal cases which do not come before the sub-district judge. The Netherlands is divided into eleven districts, each with its own court. FILED BY WOCKHARDT BIO AG, WOCKHARDT USA LLC. ALL FILINGS MADE AFTER THE ISSUANCE OF THIS ORDER IN CONNECTION WITH THE CONSOLIDATED ACTION SHALL BE ENTERED IN THE DOCKET OF THE REMAINING LOWEST-NUMBERED CASE 13-CV-7789. Logitraq, LLC v. ABF Freight System, Inc. AstraZeneca AB v. Aurobindo Pharma Ltd. et al, In Re: The Home Depot, Inc., Customer Data Security Breach Litigation, Innovative Display Technologies LLC v. HYUNDAI MOTOR GROUP et al, Greenleaf v. Atlas Copco Compressors, L.L.C. If you would like to search by some other information, please use the advanced search. (JUA) (ENTERED: 03/23/2016), (#145) JOINT MOTION TO AMEND/CORRECT /FOR ENTRY OF ORDER AMENDING BRIEFING SCHEDULE (CONSENT) BY JOHN V. BRITTI, WILLIAM C. ERBEY, RONALD M. FARIS, OCWEN FINANCIAL CORPORATION. (SIGNED BY JUDGE LORNA G. SCHOFIELD ON 2/13/2014) FILED IN ASSOCIATED CASES: 1:13-CV-07789-LGS ET AL. This page is printed on 01-01-1970. SIGNED BY JUDGE SUSIE MORGAN ON 10/1/2014. SIGNED BY JUDGE WILLIAM P. DIMITROULEAS ON 3/22/2016. District Court Records Search . They have the right to argue their own case and do not need a lawyer to represent them in court. (ALL NON-REGISTERED USERS SERVED VIA U.S. MAIL SERVICE)(DLS) (ENTERED: 03/31/2016), (#101) MINUTE ORDER DENYING REQUEST FOR ORAL ARGUMENT, TAKING MOTIONS UNDER SUBMISSION: HAVING PRELIMINARILY REVIEWED DEFENDANTS' 88 AND 89 MOTIONS TO DISMISS, PLAINTIFFS' OPPOSITIONS, AND DEFENDANTS' REPLIES THERETO, ALONG WITH DEFENDANTS' 100 REQUEST FOR ORAL ARGUMENT, THE COURT FINDS THESE MATTERS SUITABLE FOR DETERMINATION ON THE PAPERS AND WITHOUT ORAL ARGUMENT PURSUANT TO CIVIL LOCAL RULE 7.1.D.1. Requesting district court records. Entire search criteria. Thomas et al v. Signal International, LLC et al, INDIANA AUTOBODY ASSOCIATION, INC. et al v. STATE FARM MUTUAL AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE COMPANY et al, Crawford's Auto Center, Inc. v. State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company et al. IT IS FURTHER ORDERED THAT, FOR THE REASONS STATED AT THE CONFERENCE, SCOTT + SCOTT, L.L.P. Search Appellate Court Cases Trial Court Cases. (LGK) (ENTERED: 11/23/2016), (#270) USCA JUDGMENT AS TO #218 NOTICE OF APPEAL FILED BY PAMELA MCCOY, #221 NOTICE OF APPEAL FILED BY PAMELA A. SWEENEY, #223 NOTICE OF APPEAL FILED BY GARY S. SIBLEY, #216 NOTICE OF APPEAL FILED BY PAUL LOPEZ, #220 NOTICE OF APPEAL FILED BY CAROLINE NADOLA. SIGNED BY JUDGE MICHAEL M. ANELLO ON 3/31/2016. The sub-district judge usually delivers an oral judgment immediately after the hearing. This is a print of a page on Rechtspraak.nl. (FT) (ENTERED: 02/19/2014), U.S. District Courts | Colorado District | Other | 1:14-CV-03074 | 11/13/2014, (#203) UNOPPOSED MOTION FOR EXTENSION OF TIME TO FILE RESPONSE/REPLY AS TO 130 MOTION TO DISMISS FIRST AMENDED COMPLAINT, 135 JOINT MOTION TO DISMISS THE FIRST AMENDED COMPLAINT AND CERTIFICATION OF COMPLIANCE WITH CIVIL PRACTICE STANDARD 7.1D BY CERTAIN SPONSOR DEFENDANTS, 136 MOTION TO DISMISS COUNTS I-X OF PLAINTIFF'S FIRST AMENDED COMPLAINT, 131 MOTION TO DISMISS FOR FAILURE TO STATE A CLAIM COUNTS I, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX AND X OF THE FIRST AMENDED COMPLAINT AND FOR LEAVE TO FILE ENLARGED REPLY (JOINTLY WITH CERTAIN SPONSOR DEFENDANTS) BY DEFENDANTS AGENT AU PAIR, AMERICAN CULTURAL EXCHANGE, LLC, AU PAIR INTERNATIONAL, INC.. (MUSHOVIC, TOREN) (ENTERED: 07/21/2015), (#202) MINUTE ORDER GRANTING 200 MOTION FOR EXTENSION OF TIME TO FILE REPLY AND FOR LEAVE TO FILE ENLARGED REPLY BY DEFENDANT CULTURAL CARE, INC. The United States district courts are the general trial courts of the United States federal judiciary.Both civil and criminal cases are filed in district courts, each of which is a court of law, equity, and admiralty.There is a United States bankruptcy court associated with each United States district court. You may use more than one search term. 14A-3 District Court 122 S Main Street Chelsea, MI 48118 Phone: 734-475-8606 Probation: 734-475-0709 14A-4 District Court 1000 N Maple Road Saline, MI 48176 Phone: 734-429-2504 Probation: 734-475-0709 The full-bench panel deals with more complex cases and all cases in which the prosecution demands a sentence of more than one year’s imprisonment. DEFENDANT CULTURAL CARE, INC. MAY FILE A REPLY NOT TO EXCEED FIFTEEN (15) PAGES NO LATER THAN 8/10/2015. (BWN) (ENTERED: 10/01/2014), (#47) MINUTE ENTRY FOR PROCEEDINGS HELD BEFORE JUDGE SUSIE MORGAN: TELEPHONE CONFERENCE HELD ON 9/16/2014. Often these are cases in which the police or the public prosecutor has proposed a settlement. District Court. "Website Search" returns all documents and pages on this site relating to your search term. (WILSON, BENJAMIN) (ENTERED: 12/14/2015), (#415) JOINT MOTION TO DISMISS VOLUNTARY BY IMO INDUSTRIES, INC.(INDIVIDUALLY AND AS SUCCESSOR-IN-INTEREST TO DELAVAL TURBINE, INC.). SIGNED BY JUDGE KURT D. ENGELHARDT ON 6/27/2014. The search results do not include restricted case information. U.S. District Courts | Louisiana Eastern District | Other | 2:14-CV-01818 | 08/11/2014, (#48) ORDER CONSOLIDATING CASES - IT IS ORDERED THAT THOMAS V. SIGNAL (NO. Nevada has eleven judicial districts making up the state's general jurisdiction courts. SIGNED BY JUDGE THOMAS W. THRASH, JR. ON 3/20/2016. Please turn on JavaScript and try again. (MLL, ) (ENTERED: 06/19/2015), (#204) ORDER GRANTING #111 STIPULATION OF DISMISSAL FILED BY VOLVO CARS OF NORTH AMERICA, LLC, EMG TECHNOLOGY, LLC. SIGNED BY JUDGE KURT D. ENGELHARDT ON 7/15/2014. CASE 13-CV-7953 SHALL REMAIN A SEPARATE ACTION. These district courts serve Nevada's 17 counties. Supreme Court & Court of Appeals The Wisconsin Court System protects individuals' rights, privileges and liberties, maintains the rule of law, and provides a forum for the resolution of disputes that is fair, accessible, independent and effective. (ATTACHMENTS: # 1 EXHIBIT A)FILED IN ASSOCIATED CASES: 1:13-CV-07789-LGS ET AL. General District Court. Look for the most up-to-date information on Rechtspraak.nl (http://www.rechtspraak.nl). Kansas District Court Records. AFTER CONSOLIDATION, THE CLERK SHALL AMEND THE CAPTION OF THE CASE TO BE: IN RE FOREIGN EXCHANGE BENCHMARK RATES ANTITRUST LITIGATION. Filter cases further by date of filing, case type, party type, party representation, and more. notice to all litigants and criminal defendants . A document list is also available for each file via the party search results. Your search may result in no cases being available. US Courts Front Page Judiciary News Judiciary Addresses Cybersecurity Breach: Extra Safeguards to Protect Sensitive Court Records January 6, 2021 Duff to Retire as Administrative Office Director; Judge Mauskopf Named as Successor January 5, 2021 Chief Justice Roberts Issues 2020 Year-End Report December 31, 2020 88 , 89 ). ( SIGNED BY DEPUTY CLERK) (MAA) (ENTERED: 06/25/2020), (#293) ORDER DIRECTING CLERK TO ENTER JUDGMENT AND CLOSE THE CASE.

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