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Learn more. Our buyers headed to north-eastern Italy, where the vineyards reach into the cool Alpine foothills. Glass of white wine, canapes and camembert cheese on a wooden background - vertical. wine definition: 1. an alcoholic drink that is usually made from grapes, but can also be made from other fruits or…. Recommended Wine Glass: We recommend a tall suitable size wine glass e.g. The name is derived from wine produced in the winemaking areas along the banks of its namesake river, the Rhine River. Read more here (English) or the original article (French). FRANCE. Definition White Burgundy 2018/19 Rate this wine + More Details. The glossary of wine terms lists the definitions of many general terms used within the wine industry. Ripe. Dry. Dryness in whites is created by acidity; in reds, by tannins. Also, it is important to note that based on the US law, any white wine with an alcohol level lower than 14 percent is also considered Rhine wine. Further, we are especially proud that the Authentis White wine glass has won in a test of a dozen commercial wine glasses in the French Magazine "La revue du vin de France". You can use these words to help you describe red wine and white wine tasting experiences. Cordial glasses are also known as pony glasses. Unique Design. Effect on the Liquid: Goblets are not believed to have any effect on water. We were delighted to see that Riedel’s new high-end glassware collection, Superleggero, includes a Champagne glass that mimics the white wine glass shape. “Coravin offers wine lovers freedom in the way they drink wine. Hock is a British term for German white wine; sometimes it refers to white wine from the Rhine region (specifically Riesling) and sometimes to all German white wine. It has a raised cube pattern in uniform white that is flawless. 440 01 80. These stunning wine cups are crafted to perfection with exclusive Star Glass of the finest quality so you can enjoy maximum performance. What do we use? Superior Quality. The word hock is short for the obsolete word hockamore, an alteration of "Hochheimer", derived from the name of the town of Hochheim am Main in Germany.. The reason to consider your red wine glass shape, white wine glass shape, Pinot Noir glass shape, Chardonnay glass shape or Name-Your-Variety glass shape is that it changes how you perceive the wine – from its bouquet to its body and alcohol to its tannins and acidity. ABV 13%. Wählen Sie aus erstklassigen Inhalten zum Thema White Wine Glass in höchster Qualität. Cordial glasses are smaller than a typical wine glass and are often made with thinner, more delicate glass. Wine Glass shape is believed to affect the flavor and bouquet of the wine. What We Use. In white wines, dryness is the immediate watering of your mouth after you sip; in red wines, it is the sensation that all moisture has been removed from your mouth. Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc is the country's favourite style of wine, so if we were going to introduce one to our Definition range we knew we had to bring in the big guns. Notice the differences between the Newport Platonite White and the popular Fostoria "American" pattern, initially produced in crystal. H: 232 mm : 9 1/7 inch : Ø: 96 mm : 3 7/9 inch : C: 650 ml : 23 oz : Shop now . Function In the United States, cordial glasses are used to serve alcoholic beverages. Shop now Bordeaux . This white glass is modest in design and usually marked on the bottom with the "H" over "A." white wine - pale yellowish wine made from white grapes or red grapes with skins removed before fermentation. The wine glasses are very sturdy and they are dishwasher safe for easy and quick cleaning. For terms specific to viticulture, winemaking, grape varieties, and wine tasting, see the topic specific list in the "See also" section below. 1. We drink sparkling wine at least 2–3 times a week at the office and we open everything from cheap bottles of Cava to prestige Champagne. They worked with a family winery which has generations-old relationships with the region's best growers, taking grapes from both Friuli and the Veneto. Uncork 'white Burgundy' and you're likely drinking Bourgogne Blanc. The combination of characteristics dictates whether you will perceive a wine as dry or sweet. Wine Glasses are colorless, plain and clear. Each seems to be hand blown as they all vary slightly in size and shape. Rich & Oaky. Standard Lizenzen; Erweiterte Lizenzen; Mehr Informationen . Lighter, more elegant grape varieties and wine styles tend to benefit from smaller glasses. Zingy. As one of the UK's most popular wine styles it was a no-brainer to add a delicious Italian Pinot Grigio to our Definition range. No wonder it's one of our most popular wine styles - and a no-brainer addition to our Definition range. On a technical level, these glasses are designed with lighter-bodied white wines in mind (think Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio, Chenin Blanc, and the like), though they would serve any style well. Finally, flutes are often used to serve sparkling wines, as they help the bubbles last longer. The Bormioli Rocco white wine glasses are everything you’ve been looking for! For these reasons, many experts now favour drinking champagne from a standard white-wine glass. LUCARIS Desire Crisp White for the wine with distinctive flavors of tart and bright. sparkling wine - effervescent wine. Finden Sie perfekte Stock-Fotos zum Thema White Wine Glass sowie redaktionelle Newsbilder von Getty Images. It's the gold-standard for gently oaked Chardonnay the world over. There was only one man for the job - Brent Maris, the winemaker behind our bestselling Kiwi Sauvignon, The Ned. Notice that this milk glass is heavier and thicker. The set comprises 12 glasses in each of four sizes; a red wine goblet, white wine, sherry/aperitif and a liqueur glass. blush wine, pink wine, rose wine, rose - pinkish table wine from red grapes whose skins were removed after fermentation began. Many white wines take on their finest form in these all-purpose glasses by Schott Zwiesel, a trusted name in the industry. We worked with Brent to cherry pick the very best grapes from specific parcels of vines. Rhine wine refers to dry white wines produced along the Rhine valley in Germany. Our Favorite Universal Glass. ‘Maximilian Riedel [11th-generation CEO and current president of the company] has declared war on the flute, and hopes everyone will follow suit,’ reveals Turner. Burgundy . This gives the wine enough room for the aromas to be released but also helps in maintaining the cooler temperature of the white wines. Riedel, for its part, has developed a Champagne-specific alternative. altar wine, sacramental wine - used in a communion service. 440 01 77. Majestic Exclusive 75cl. Each seems to be hand blown as they all vary slightly in size and shape. Our Wine Glossary/Wine Dictionary will help you understand all the key words, wine phrases and wine terms with their meaning and wine speak definitions you need to know. Conversely, white wines are typically served in smaller glasses, ones that are shaped like a "U" and narrower than a red wine glass.

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