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The reconnaissance of the river was at once taken in hand by the French upon their arrival in Vienna, and a point opposite the island of Lobau selected for the crossing. Favorite Answer. They did a reconnaissance of the enemy's position. reconnaissance sorties were flown over the Aegean to track enemy shipping. zone reconnaissance mission, the corps commander allows the regimental commandeer considerable freedom of action. Examples of reconnaissance in a Sentence… He distinguished himself in the expedition to Santo Domingo in many fights, and especially in a daring reconnaissance with few men into the heart of the enemy's lines, for which he got the cross with laurels of San Fernando. Sicily, to the north of Malta, had Italian and german dive bombers, fighters and reconnaissance aircraft. 2. ; On 10 March, Eug鑞e launched a reconnaissance in force across the Mincio. ‘When we arrived, Mason was still asleep, so I left the rest of the team in the car to conduct a bit of reconnaissance.’ ‘I did carry out a detailed reconnaissance but must have missed the signs suggesting this was a private road.’ de Foucauld, Reconnaissance au Maroc 1883-1884 (Paris, 1888, almost the sole authority for the geography of the Atlas; his book gives the result of careful surveys, and is illustrated with a good collection of maps and sketches); Hooker, Ball and Maw, Marocco and the Great Atlas (London, 1879, a most valuable contribution, always scientific and trustworthy, especially as to botany and geology); Joseph Thomson, Travels in the Atlas and Southern Morocco (London, 1889, valuable geographical and geological data); Louis Gentil, Mission de Segonzac, &c. (Paris, 1906; the author was geologist to the 1905 expedition); Gerhard Rohlfs, Adventures in Morocco (London, 1874); Walter B. J'ai moi-même participé au MLAC et me suis battue pour la reconnaissance de l'avortement. use "reconnaissance" in a sentence The remaining divisions will have aviation brigades with 30 armed reconnaissance helicopters and 24 Apaches, with the remaining structure the same. The definition of Reconnaissance is followed by practically usable example sentences which allow you to construct your own sentences based on it. In 1973 there were six fighter-bomber, twelve fighter-interceptor, and three reconnaissance squadrons. The act of reconnoitring (especially to gain information about an enemy or potential enemy), Yes; the Inspector and I have made quite a little, At the start of WW I, Smith-Barry was flying, Claude flew ahead of the land-faring group as makeshift, You spoke earlier about helicopters and electronic, So he chose to listen in on the club from the, The officer in command had requested time to carry out a proper, These are transports; fighter; light; medium and heavy bombardment and, The guards and patrols have diminished their size and number of, Rauros and the Harad Ghul have completed their, Would you be ready to either lead or be part of such a, At least Merlin had ample evidence that the Group of Four possessed no aerial, All I can tell you is that you should commit the totality of our armies, for a, Rubber thongs, Sebastian and Reginald, are not the sort of footwear for a secret, Thereby, denying the defenders close air support and, While driving it gave him the opportunity to do, I will now leave by helicopter to do a visual, So here was the problem, simply that no one really had anything useful to do now, If uncertain about the safety of the stream ahead, beach or moor the raft and carry out a, What is your best guess for the timing of a Japanese air raid on Darwin following this, She smiled at that, as that would give her time to eat before she started using in earnest her, Such a space plane could also conduct flights from orbit over enemy territory, be it for, Satellite checks on the area would not be available for an hour or so, but, Elizabeth and Peter were immediately surrounded by a fleet of small ships that included two Combat News, Sayerot Mat’kal was also known as General Staff, Another type of aircraft that would be useful in the Pacific would be an electronic, The pair of vampires relied on the darkness of the nighttime forest to conduct, Taking the helmet out of its protective bag and putting it on in place of her own helmet, she then faced the, It took them only fifteen minutes to bring the others up to speed and Murphy added his aerial, They joined the South African Army after Rhodesia became the despotic failed state of Zimbabwe and created a new, My own feeling is that the Cubans & FAPLA were destroyed and failed to take their objectives as is proved by the air, Just then, and I didn’t see them coming but someone must have, were two enemy heavy, Firstly that would be the pseudo operations and the fireforces as described as well as the visual, The Germans are using with great success and regularity their Arado 234 bombers all over Southern England for both bombing and, We will follow our Task Force War Plan Alpha, with our, The Rhodesian Air Force developed a teqnique called visual, Look at our forward FLIR camera: there are more planes on the northeast airfield than when we did our photo, As for their ‘Olympus’ project, the scoutship WIKING has already conducted a discreet, Second, protect those small bomber packs with both escort fighters and radar jamming electronic, Swordsman space craft were deployed over the settlement to scan for any, However, the BABYLON has some self-defense armament and its extensive sensors suite makes it a perfect flying command post and long-range, My bet is that this is an enemy solitary plane, probably a, Wa also cared about his crews, which was why he didn’t want to risk his fleet without having conducted first a, The main reason for that … unvarying report, he suspected, was that none of his scouts were willing to push home a, Nazaire was successfully achieved, aerial, Buey Dan had added the infor�mation to update that which had been collected by the pre-strike, The voice of the operations officer aboard the EC-200R electronic command and, I asked by radio this morning that my planes fly, His official file at MI6 headquarters read; ‘A highly skilled and capable agent with expertise in undercover work, hand to hand combat, surveillance and, He had arrived in Masan in one of the four M8 armored, Not only control, but own all the air below that altitude to include close air support, transports for aerial resupply--be it by landing or by parachute, and, In view of all this, we consider it likely that, in the months and years to come, we will meet with that civilization, probably during a mission or a, A dangerous smell, an unpleasant smell, a totally unnatural smell -- quite how Bigwig, after his. Examples of reconnaissance in a sentence: 1. It has already been noticed how military reconnaissances of the routes to Egypt came to be made; but more important were the guide-books, of which a great number were written to guide the pilgrims from one sacred spot of Bible history to another. nose radome came from the Reconnaissance pod supplied in the Matchbox Phantom kit. overwatch technique is also normally used when conducting reconnaissance and enemy contact is expected. Choose a language, then type a word below to get example sentences for that word. 0. Examples of air reconnaissance in a sentence, how to use it. Variant translation: Gratitude is the lively expectation of favours yet to come. (1) Spotter planes made a preliminary aerial reconnaissance of the island. "After a reconnaissanceour forces took the island". Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary: In any event, Rice and Hadley ultimately went along with the CIA and the Pentagon, holding off on reconnaissance … Far superior are those scenographic representations which enable a person consulting the map to identify prominent landmarks, such as the Pic du Midi, which rises like a pillar to the south of Pau, but is not readily discovered upon an ordinary map. All Rights Reserved. En attendant, on fera des reconnaissances aux alentours, on passera des traités avec les tribus. In the September Campaign of 1939, he flew several sorties in reconnaissance flights as Air Gunner. How to use reconnaissance in a sentence. Another word for reconnaissance. 3 Answers. Grant directed the offensive reconnaissance of Belmont in the autumn. tioned, combined with the more exact reconnaissance of native surveyors and of those exploring parties which have recently been working in the interests of commercial projects, have left little to future inquiry. Examples of Temporize in a sentence Because we could not reach an agreement, we chose to break for refreshments in order to temporize. 1874 - Etymological and pronouncing dictionary of the English language By Stormonth, James, Phelp, P. H. The Atlas 2 carried a U.S. reconnaissance satellite into orbit. Sentence for reconnaissance? or reconnoissance (rɪˈkɒnɪsəns ) noun. Our page of best sample sentences to demonstrate typical use of RECONNAISSANCE is also linked from this page. The examination of a tract of country for military or civil engineering operations; reconnaissance in force, a demonstration or attack with a large body of troops for the purpose of discovering the position and strength of the enemy. It would be the second time in a month that Iraqi defenses had brought down one of the American reconnaissance drones. Work was carried out at various scales, from regional reconnaissance surveys or appraisal, to the drilling of a geochemical or geophysical anomaly. The miniature aircraft could be fitted with … 1 editor-approved samples. The squadron or troop performs route reconnaissance of the designated route or routes for the movement. rĭ-kŏn'ə-səns, -zəns Reconnaissance is preliminary research or a preliminary survey such as checking out the lay-of-the-land before taking a military action. Saturday's operation is known as a reconnaissance in force. Reconnaissance had brought to light the extent to which the Turks were making preparations to repel attempted landings, both on the Gallipoli Peninsula, and on the Asiatic coast adjacent to the mouth of the Straits; and everything pointed to the expeditionary force having to start work by fighting its way ashore. An airborne reconnaissance pod with a data downlink capability to be carried by tactical aircraft. . Capable of duties as a single-seat fighter bomber, high speed reconnaissance, heavy fighter, and two seat night and all-weather interceptor. 4 Squadron RAF, a squadron assigned to the task of Aerial reconnaissance. Relevance. Examples of reconnaissance licence in a sentence. zone reconnaissance may be oriented on the main body's zone of action or an axis of advance. 20 examples: An aerial reconnaissance has been conducted, but no help has yet been provided… You play as either a Reconnaissance Marine or a British SAS commando with locations including Russia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan and the Middle East. Wiki User Answered . Definition and high quality example sentences with “reconnaissance” in context from reliable sources - Ludwig is the linguistic search engine that helps you to write better in English Reconnaissance is the military term for the active gathering of information about an enemy, or other conditions, by physical observation.On 23 October 1911, an Italian pilot flew over the Turkish lines in Libya to conduct history's first aerial reconnaissance mission, and on 1 November 1911, the first ever aerial bomb was dropped on the Turkish troops in Libya. The only use of RECONNAISSANCE in TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD. His first expedition to Africa (1474) was a mere reconnaissance, but four y ears later a favourable opportunity for invasion arrived. Variant translation: Gratitude is the lively expectation of favours yet to come. The states of British South Africa have each their surveyor-general, and a reconnaissance survey has been in progress since 1903. Source(s): reconnaissance sentence: torpedo bomber, later long distance reconnaissance. The reconnaissance machines. 3. Example sentences for: reconnaissance How can you use “reconnaissance” in a sentence? Numerous reconnaissance sorties were flown over the Aegean to track enemy shipping. American Heritage® Dictionary of … When his team went to Vietnam, their duties included working with ex-Vietcong, known as “chu-hoi,” in reconnaissance and infiltration. La reconnaissance de la plupart des hommes n'est qu'une secrète envie de recevoir de plus grands bienfaits.. françois de la rochefoucauld — The gratitude of most men is but a secret desire to receive even greater benefits. How to use reconnaissance in a sentence is shown in this page. 1 decade ago. Aerial reconnaissance on its trial. Find more ways to say reconnaissance, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. ‘When we arrived, Mason was still asleep, so I left the rest of the team in the car to conduct a bit of reconnaissance.’ ‘I did carry out a detailed reconnaissance but must have missed the signs suggesting this was a private road.’ The reconnaissance party had run into an ambuscade! How would you use "imperative" or "reconnaissance" in a sentence? Zone reconnaissance may be oriented on the main body 's zone of action or an axis of advance. Gathering together a reconnaissance team, MacReady investigates the now desolate Norwegian camp to ascertain the source of their madness. armored cavalry regiment is of adequate size to conduct a reconnaissance in force. The armored cavalry regiment is of adequate size to conduct a reconnaissance in force. Russian explorers and natives of India trained for geographical reconnaissance, and employed in connexion with the great trigonometrical survey of India, had done so much towards clearing away the mists which enveloped the actual course of the river, that all the primary affluents were known, although their relative value was misunderstood, but the nature of the districts which bordered the river in Afghan Turkestan was so imperfectly mapped as to give rise to considerable political complication in framing the boundary agreement between Great Britain and Russia.

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