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I am a fiscal conservative, who specializes in identifying wasteful spending in the County Manager's annual budget proposal. Like us on Facebook to see similar stories, Transcript: Joe Biden's inauguration speech. Audrey R. Clement was a candidate for an at-large seat on the Arlington School Board in Virginia.She was defeated by fellow challenger Barbara Kanninen in the general election on November 4, 2014.Incumbent Sally M. Baird did not file for re-election. “The board has more of a focus on responsible spending. Financially, Garvey is out-raising and outspending Clement. Democrat Libby Garvey is so confident of winning a second full term on the Arlington County Board that she hasn’t updated her campaign website since June and didn’t raise any money in … Garvey has spent $108,607 since the election started. And do you favor a nationwide mask mandate? All rights reserved. Libby garvey vs audrey clement. Is there any reason you would not serve your full term of office, other than those of health or family? (District 1, Ward 3, etc.). No. What accomplishments in your past would you cite as evidence you can handle this job? PRESIDENT. What are your views on fiscal policy, government spending and the use of taxpayer dollars in the office you are seeking? If you are a challenger, in what way has the current board or officeholder failed the community (or district or constituency). The single most pressing issue facing Arlington is up zoning, and this is what I intend to do about it. I welcome the counsel and advice of other Transportation Board members and wish that County Board would pay more attention to what they say. Oxford alloys houston 2 . “I would support double decker buses,” said Clement. Incumbent Libby Garvey, 69, has served eight years on the Arlington County Board and is the current Board chair. “We need to serve North Arlington as well, somehow.”. Do you favor such measures as limiting operation of non-essential businesses or restricting indoor/outdoor dining? There’s a lot more reasonable looks at what is actually going to work. As part of its coverage of the 2020 election, Patch has asked each of the candidates in Arlington to fill out a questionnaire to describe why they think they're the best person to fill the job they're running for. “I think the alternative to not running is worse,” said Clement. Libby Garvey attended Mount Holyoke College in Massachusetts, where she earned a bachelor's degree.Her professional career began as a teacher in the Central African Republic with the Peace Corps.. Elections 2014 See also: Arlington Public Schools elections (2014) The November 4, 2014, general election in the … While the County Board does have one independent, John Vihstadt, the other four members of the County Board are Democrats. In 2013, Clement ran against Fisette. We backed away from [the Aquatic Center], but then set a reasonable price tag on that and asked staff and citizens to come up with a reasonable project. Libby Garvey is a member of the Arlington County Board. She is running against Libby Garvey for one of the two County Board seats being contested in the 2020 election. I have the interest of Arlington County, where I have resided for 16 years, at heart. Previous or Current Elected or Appointed Office, Member, Arlington Transportation Commission. Democrat Libby T. Garvey won a special election Tuesday to fill the Arlington County Board seat of state Democratic Sen. Barbara Favola, … While I agree with BLMs goals, I deplore the violence, looting and arson that has attended protest activities throughout the United States. Libby T. Garvey Audrey R. Clement Member School Board Vote for not more than two David Marcus Priddy Cristina l. Diaz-Torres S. Symone Walker Vote Both Sides of the Ballot . I am interested in good government and believe that because of that, my long time involvement in civic affairs, and my Ph.D. in Political Science, I am qualified to serve the residents of Arlington County. Results will be certified on November 16th. During that time, she served as chairwoman five times. Clement, meanwhile, has raised $7,775 and spent $6,970. May 2, 2020. Unlike most communities, serious candidates, irrespective of party affiliation, have always been able to have a shot in Arlington, but that is different than candidates who have failed to gain a reputation as serious.”. Protestors aren’t just looting Chicago’s Magnificent Mile, and midtown Manhattan. Arlington County Board: Incumbent Democrat Libby Garvey won 71.37% of the vote to Independent challenger Audrey R. Clement’s 26.84%. “There’s a transitway in Crystal City that runs down into Alexandria. At the Wilson School Site, Clement says she believes the staff didn’t do enough consideration of buying sites not currently owned by the county. What are your thoughts on the campaign to "defund" the police? Arlington County Board candidates Audrey Clement (left) and Libby Garvey listen to a question posed at the Arlington County Civic Federation candidate forum held Sept. 6, 2016. The odds are not good for Audrey Clement. 2020 November General Official Results Absentee ballots may be accepted until noon on November 6th. Audrey Clement is a 50-year-old SAS developer. In April, the County Board voted to reduce the size of the facility by 37 percent. According to the Virginia Public Access Project, Garvey started 2016 with $27,566 and has raised $99,149 in contributions and in-kind donations since the election started. “The transportation plan the county put forth is really a good one,” said Clement. Garvey played a key role in stopping some of the bigger projects that drew controversy over the last few years. I want to continue on those relationships that I’ve built over time.”. In the Arlington County Board race, current Board Chair Libby Garvey is running against Audrey Clement. On March 16 both Maryland and DC closed down all eating and drinking establishments except for take out. She is running against Audrey Clement for … ... Audrey Clement: Why You Should Vote for … 2016 will be Clement’s seventh time running for office in Arlington and sixth time running for County Board. What are your thoughts on the state and national response to the coronavirus pandemic? Incumbent County Board Chair Libby Garvey. Clement says she believes many major developments in the county are “rubber stamped” without serious consideration of the long-term impacts of those projects. Am also concerned that the Board routinely dismisses or discounts the impacts of major site plan development projects. Chicken cordon bleu recipe 2 1 . October 25, 2020. Show full articles without "Continue Reading" button for {0} hours. I think we need to look at [transportation] connections we can start to make. “With Uber and Lyft, even driverless cars arriving someday, the whole transit area is changing quite a bit,” said Garvey. A lot of these activities require experience, networking, and knowing people. Arlington County Board candidates Audrey Clement (left) and Libby Garvey listen to a question posed at the Arlington County Civic Federation candidate forum held Sept. 6, 2016. What are the critical differences between you and the other candidates seeking this post? “Unlike your typical candidate, who is an issue advocate, I’m a career politician. Election Day Nov. 3, 2020. Fairfax Station/Clifton/Lorton Connection, Freshman Arlington County Board Member Faces Two Opponents in November, Archangels and Underworld Kings Make the Story for New Author, CORE Foundation Celebrates 15th Anniversary, Police and Coast Guard Monitor Prior to the Inauguration, Stairway to Heaven, the Song Everyone Loves to Hate, Opinion: Commentary: An Inauguration to Remember. Get better.". I’m Audrey Clement, the Independent for County Board on November 3, and I’m unhappy that County Board continues to waffle in its response to COVID-19.. At the April 25, 2020 County Board meeting, County Attorney Steve MacIsaac insisted that Governor Northam’s March 12 declaration of a state emergency superseded the County’s authority to act on its own. So do you get a trumpet or not just for this moment; do you take a clarinet part later and Garvey kept her hold on the Democratic nomination, however, with 8,366 votes against Gutshall’s 6,882 votes. She is running against Libby Garvey for one of the two County Board seats being contested in the 2020 election. I oppose upzoning , because it will densify the County but provide no affordable housing. In 1999 Garvey was elected to the Arlington County's Board of Education and served for 15 (non-consecutive) years. I believe that one-party government has truly not benefited Arlington County and so it ought to be challenged on its own merit.”. April 5, 2020. Libby T. Garvey (Democrat, incumbent) – 71.6%; Audrey R. Clement (Independent) – 26.6%; School Board. But Garvey also noted that the transportation needs for most Arlingtonians don’t end at the county line. In November, Clement is the sole opposition to Libby Garvey, the incumbent County Board chair. We have to do as aggressive an outreach as we can with the funds at hand. Jo Jorgensen: 1,836 votes, 1.40 percent two amendments to the Constitution of Virginia. Donald Trump (R): 22,318 votes, 17.08 percent. We need to keep looking at more East-West Bus Rapid Transit options. The Long Bridge Park Aquatic Center project was put on hold after construction bids exceeded the $79.2 million budget. Meet The Candidate: Audrey Clement For Arlington County Board. “Having run six times for County Board either as an independent (as this year) or under the banner of the Green Party, she has exhausted credibility as a serious candidate. Garvey also went against her fellow Democratic County Board members on projects like the Long Bridge Park Aquatic Center, where project costs began to exceed the original financing plans. While Garvey on Sept. 8 was taking a victory lap for killing the streetcar, her 2020 opponent – Audrey Clement – didn’t appear to be caught up in the moment. I’m Audrey Clement, and I’m running for Arlington County Board in the November 3, 2020 election. Career. Arlington County Board candidates Audrey Clement (left) and Libby Garvey listen to a question posed at the Arlington County Civic Federation candidate forum held Sept. 6, 2016. On transportation issues, Clement says she mostly agrees with work the County Board has done over the past few years. “By getting out there on the campaign trail and externalizing a lot of frustration that is otherwise internal, that’s more healthy in the long run. Audrey Clement, who is challenging incumbent Democrat Libby Garvey for County Board, said the Democrats’ vote seems disengenuous for a party that claims to be about good government. Arlington School Board: Cristina I. Diaz-Torres and David Marcus Priddy won the two open seats with … ... Garvey’s opponent, Audrey Clement, is pro-environment but wants to cut the budget for the affordable housing initiative and opposes moving away from single-family occupancy zoning practices. Libby T. Garvey 72,577: 70.81%: Audrey R. Clement 27,798: 27.12%: Write In 2,116: 2.06%: Last Modified on 11/14/2016 03:06 PM. Libby T. Garvey- D Audrey R. Clement Write-In Member School Board Two seats are on the ballot. That’s happening and I think that’s a good thing.”. The route for the streetcar makes sense, just not the mode.”. Fema wildland firefighter course 3 . Does anyone in your family work in politics or government? Joe Biden (D): 105,344 votes, 80.60 percent. You don’t lose a professional or career interest in politics just because you lost the election. These protestors are inflicting untold harm not only on Black businesses but on the people of color who patronize them. “The county has become more responsible,” said Garvey. CO ELECTORAL BOARD Constitutional Amendment #1 Should … Clement pointed to Rosslyn Plaza development and the Wilson School Site as two examples of what she sees as poor decision making by the county. My opponent supports upzoning, as it will provide more real estate tax revenue to the County. She is running for reelection. “They’re popular in urban areas with narrow streets and lots and lots of people. Member School Board (ARLINGTON COUNTY) x2 Results by Precinct. Live-updating maps, vote counts, and analysis of Virginia's 2020 presidential, U.S. Senate and U.S. House races from The Washington Post. Libby T. Garvey 82,007: 71.37%: Audrey R. Clement 30,843: 26.84%: Write In 2,050: 1.78%: Last Modified on 11/07/2020 01:57 PM. That pretty much defines Columbia Pike.”. I don’t love the fact that so many people who are not of-color do not patronize it, and I don’t blame the county for that. Therefore, results are incomplete. I oppose defunding the police as a prescription for inflicting even more misery on the Black community.

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